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BDO progression - Boss Gear
ThenFallenOne 2020-07-12 20:40
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Greeting adventurers, it's me again and this round I'll be covering on Boss gear progression aka Late Game progression. To achieve the results alot of time and efforts will be pour in and also extreme luck for those who enjoy enhancing. Before moving in to the main topics, I would want to make a disclaimer, all my guides are based on my experiences.


For past two guide I wrote about the path can be take to reach the optimize gear score in order to progress for late game gear. If you had not read my guide feel free to have a look at link below:

Quest Gear

Green Gear


Post Boss Gear

As mentioned earlier, a lot of time, efforts and luck will be pour in in order to achieve the Late Game gear. As a beginners or new adventurers join the game, it almost certains that you will lands on these gears before starting moving to boss gears.


Road to Boss Gear

From here, my recommendation is to get the TRI boss weapon out first. If you’re play toward succession, then get Kzarka mainhand first and if you’re play awakening then go for Dandelian awakening. Kutum will be a good choice since it had bonus damage to monsters which will help during the grind. Next, get Dim Tree & Urugon Shoe to TRI. The reason why not going full set boss gears for helm and glove as TET green provide more DP compare to the boss gears. Secondly, most people prefer to have PEN green helm compare to boss helm. You will have the setup below.


Alternatively, if you think the DP is sufficients and want to enjoy the full Boss Defence Gear bonus, increase on damange reduction from Griffion Helm and more accuracy from Bheg's Glove, you may switch to the setup below.



My next recommended milestone would be replacing TRI Serap's Necklace to TRI Ogre Ring or TRI Laytern Power Stone. If you think your character is squishy, you may switch the TRI Witch's Earring to TRI Narc Earring for extra DP. 


Now, for next recommendation will be getting all the gears to TET which this may take some times to achieve it. As usual go for weapons > armors > accessories. Do note that, this point onward, you will be failed alot of accessories to bring it to TET. For me, on average I failed 5-6 TET accessories attempt before success. You may consider to pre-order TET accessories on the market.


From this point onwards, it's already up to your preferences and builds. If you would want to go with Evasion build, you may switch from :


Griffon/Green Gear -->Helmet of Heve or Giath's helm

Bheg's Glove --> Leebur's Glove

Urugon's Shoe --> Muskan's Shoe


If you wish to have more AP you may switch from Narc Earring to Tungrad Earring and slowly upgrade to Black Distortion Earring. 


For those who are more PVE orriented, you may ops to switch Kzarka's to Blackstar mainhand. As for those who are more toward to PVP, may switch mainhand and sub-weapon to Offin & Nouver.


End Game

Ultimately, you would want to PEN all armors, weapons and accessories of your build. . With future patch on introducing Death God armor and etc, we may not know the full end game gear yet. As now, there are no true end game gears available yet since BDO are still expanding.



My advice is, just enjoy the game and do not rush on PEN all the equipment as this will be the deal breakers for most of players. A lot of players do PEN roulette before quitting the games. Full PEN is very costly especially for accessories, once destroy it causes a total loss of about 20++ billions. So make sure to think before starting to smash PEN attempt. 


Hope this will help those new adventurers to plan ahead their gear progression. Tune in for my next guide and thanks for taking your time to read it.


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