What Sailor Should I Use ??
Ryojiin 2020-07-15 13:49
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What sailor should you use for BARTER ?
1. Innocent < Give you more speed to do barter fast when you only autopath ( T mode on )
2. Quick      < Give you more acceleration for barter when you using breezySail (Auto BreezySail or Manual )

What Sailor should you use for PVE #crocodile ?
In Crocodile hunt party . Usually Carrack Volante will be the front ship to aggro the mobs and Carrack Valor will do the big demage from distance
A. Volante sailor : Aggro
1.Quick     < you need the acceleration to aggro the mobs > <Give you focus range so you can aggro far mobs using cannon>
2.Realistic < You need the Turn to dodge the demage from mobs > <give you vision range to see the mobs from distance>
B. Valor Sailor : Demager
1.Quick     <You need the acceleration to make you have good position of shooting > <Give you focus range so you can shoot from distance>

2.Quick Witted < you need brake to stop easly when you already get good spot> < Give you Precission rate , so your spalsh shell demage will be smaller >


For the PVE . you can use Advance and Balance too. But decide who gonna be Aggro and who gonna be Demager

This is only my opinion after testing those sailor in tab
i hope this help you out about choosing what sailor that you should use.

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Wow~ nice detail of the sailor! Give me alot hint to know how to use sailor in proper way. Thank You~<3

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Very helpful. I hope you keep this updated!<br><br>Thank you!

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very helpful ~

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