BDO Progression - Contribution Point
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Greeting adventurers, today I'm going to cover the basics on Contribution Point (CP). I will not be covering on things such as what best to use on CPs, what to do with CPs and etc. Before we continue, do note that all guides here are based on my experiences.


What is Contribution Point (CP)


When you first join the adventures, some of you may or may not notice the small medal icon located above the HP bars. For me, I get to know about contribution point when I reached Calpheon, which to rent equipments from npc called Canobas in Capheon. 


In summary, contribution point (CP) basically is a point which allows you to open an investment on nodes, rent equipments, inventories, factories, workshops, and farms and buying house. It's similar with real life, which we use our money to purchase house & making investment but in BDO you be using CP to do all those.


What can you do with Contribution Point (CP)


1. Investing on node

When you look at the BDO Map (press 'M', default shortcut), you see a lot of weird looking shapes (circle,triangle, direction arrow, square). These are the place you will be investing the CPs. May refer to the figure below.

You may want to have a look on what materials you want to invest in. Every node has its own materials come with different CPs values. From here you would need to think on what node to invest. There is such guide that ultimate guide for nodes, it all based on what you want. Once you figure out what to invests, simply just click on the node and click on invest. Note that, you need to connect the nodes starting from town. Taking example, you want to open a node at Toscani Farm, first you need to link it from Velia --> Bartali Farm --> Toscani Farm

General tips, you may plan out the total CPs needed to unlock the Node and find the optimize route to it. I usually use somethinglovely whenever I want to invest on the new node.


2. Buying House, inventory, factory, workshop and etc

In every town there are certain commodities you can rent via the contribution points such as, worker logging, inventory, furniture workshop, residence and etc. Each town have it's own unique commodities such as Port Epheria, you will have ship part workshops. Do take your time to explore it and figure out what to invest. Usually worker logging and inventory will be top pick for the node which connected near to the node. 

3. Renting on equipment

You may use the CP to rent on combat equipment both weapon and armor to assist you in early game grind. You may find NPC Canobas at Calpheon City. Recent patch, PA also introduce on renting of lifeskill tools which you may find NPC Norma Leight at Northern Wheat Plantation, NE of Calpheon City.


4. Farms

Simply search the fence NPC, it will direct you to it and purchase the fences and you can start to plant seed and harvest. Certain terrain may suitable for certain kind of plant, which I will cover in future guide.


How to gain Contribution Point (CP)


1. Doing Quests & Dailies

CP has its own experience bracket which separated with combat & skill exp. Dailies gives a lot of CP exp. which required you to do every day. Most quests will give contribution EXP.

2. Cooking & Alchemy

While cooking & Alchemy, you will be getting by-products drops in random, Witch's Delicacy from cooking, Mysterious Catalyst from Alchemy. These can be use to exchanges for contribution points. 


Hope this guide will help the new adventurers to know the basic of the Contribution Points. Thanks and tune in on another of my guide next week.


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