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A small request for a storm
Windydale 2020-07-24 14:45
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Hello BDO devs

This is a season of rain and thunderstorm and what an amazing way to celebrate the coming of the season with the thunderstorm and heavy rainfall that will last for days. Imagine a real impact of a weather system in-game for all players, a challenge to go through 24/7 dark hours through the valley, desert, seas and boss fight. What makes BDO greatest game or any other games is their weather environment system. A long walk in a quest on a sunny day feels little the same thing every day we do, but if given opportunity to experience in new complete environment, it will renew players challenging or chaotic motivation. 


Chaos is the only true order of anything, in real life or virtual. Give us a thunderstorm that will last days or perhaps hours/day. Or even introduce a new raincoat outfit, I will not mind buying it. 


Remember chaos is the true order of everything.


You all have a wonderful summer ☔️



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