Node Empire Progression (Velia) - Pt.1
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Greeting adventurers, today I'm going to cover on what node to invest for a passive income and also building the node empire progressively. Do note that, what I'm going to share is based on my own personal opinion and setup I currently have. I will start off with Velia then subsequently progress accordingly.


* As this round topic is long, so I decided to break this to few series.



Before you want to invest in any nodes, make sure you have contribution points (CP) and also workers. You may refer to my short explanation of what CP about here.


Starting off at Velia

I believe, Velia will the first town that everyone adventures will step onto (It used to be Olvia way before PA revamp the story quest). For beginners, you will get about 10 CPs if you by interacting with NPC between Western Guard Camp and Velia. May refer below nodes and interact with all the NPC you from the node.


How many workers in Velia?

There are a total of 8 workers (7 from lodging + 1 free from town) can be hired in this town. You can purchase an additional 3 lodging from pearls which make it up to 11 workers at Velia.


What node to invest first?

This will be a million-dollar question which I myself have difficulties to figure out the answer. I myself also google a lot of guides on "best node empire setup", "what node best to invest" and etc, but after some time, I realize that there are no such things on the best thing to invest and must follow. It's all based on what you like or what your plans. So what I'm going share now are all based on my current setup.


Velia, a town rich in grains and chicken meat productions. So, my primary setup for a worker at Velia is focusing on grains and chicken meat and eggs. At the same time, Velia also my main town to cook. 


So below are the lists of locations and CP required for grains and chicken meat production.


Nodes Materials Total CP from Velia  Node linkage Remarks
Loggia Farm Potatoes 3 Velia --> Loggia Farm  
Finto Farm


Chicken Meat & Egg

4 Velia --> Finto Farm  
Bartali Farm


Chicken Meat & Egg

4 Velia --> Bartali Farm  
Toscani Farm Corns 6 Velia --> Bartali Farm --> Toscani Farm

Lowest CP required to connect to the node. 


If you have unlocked Bartali Farm, you just required additional 2 more CP to unlock Toscani Farm


Total CP required for the above setup, with total of 6 workers.

Items Total CP Lodging location
Nodes 17  
Lodging 3

Velia 1. Rm 1

Velia 1. Rm 2

Velia 1. Rm 3

Total 20  


If you decided to get an additional 3 lodgings from pearls, you may consider unlocking the following. Since you have only 3 workers left in Velia, you will need to decide which one to prioritize:

Nodes Materials Total CP from Velia Node Linkage Remarks
Forest of Seclusion

Maple Timber, Monk's Branch

7 (1 CP to unlock materials) Velia --> Bartali Farm --> Toscani Farm --> Forest of Seclusion Monk's Branch can be sold to Central Market as it basic material for Barter
Copper Ore, Powder of Flame 7 (1 CP to unlock materials) Powder of Flame can be sold to Central Market as it basic material for Barter
Balenos Forest

Ash Timber, Spirit's Leaf

5 (1 CP to unlock materials) Velia --> Bartali Farm --> Balenos Forest Spirit's Leaf can be sold to Central Market as it basic material for Barter
Sunrise Herb, Pile of sunrise herb 5 (1 CP to unlock materials) Sunrise Herb is useful if you decide to go for alchemy in future


There are few more nodes which also available at Velia, such as Coastal Cave & Coastal Cliff which both produce Mining Ore. For me personally, I would not invest in mining as the Mining node will be the job of Altinova. I will explain further when I cover the Altinova node in the near future.



That for my guide on Node in Velia. In the next round, I will cover on Olvia Nodes. You may free to follow my setup for Velia nodes, of course, you also can have your own way investing the node in Velia based on your preferences. Feel free to drop a comment here to share on how you setup your node at Velia. This would be good for beginners to have more options or general ideas on node investment.

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Its not 7 nor 6 workers its 8 refer to the screenshot below

My Guide as well
[Meister TIP 101] - Slave Empire's Bread Basket

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@MeisterBlank, yeap you are right. Thanks for pointing out. I had miss-out the lodging at Toscani Farm. Very much appreciate that. I had amended accordingly.

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Page for my Contribution Points CP Management.

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