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[PvX] From GW2 to BDO! [PLScrub] is recruiting!
Aggramar 2020-08-03 10:37
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Don't Be A Scrub [PLScrub]'s background

Don't Be A Scrub (Origincally known as PLS for "please") originated from Guild Wars 2 (GW2) as a World vs. World guild. World vs. World is the same as Node Wars in BDO. We're one of the better and larger fight focused guilds in Guild Wars 2, focusing on the player's individual potential and skill over other factors like gear and zerg size. If you have played any form of WvW in GW2, you'd know us.


PLS has also dabbled in other large scale PvP games such as The Elder Scrolls Online and Planetside 2. However, we have shifted to BDO after the scene in GW2 has died down. Keeping true to our philosophy, we're focusing on player's individual skills over being AP carried in BDO and are looking to recruit more members for our T1 Node War participation. 



Who we are now in BDO?


PLS is now a PvX guild in BDO with focus on PvP, specifically into T1 Node Wars. We're English speaking and based within the Oceanic region, which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. Our activities within the guild include Weekly Vell and Boss Scroll runs and daily PvP sparring sessions. PLS also focuses on helping our players to find their true potential and help them achieve their goals. Expect to be able to count on skillful and knowledgeable players to help you answer questions and guide you.



If you are...

A new player coming into BDO
A returning player coming back from a break
A casual player seeking out how to AFK in game and still make sick profit
A player who enjoys PvP (You know how to juggle your 2 primary CCs and SA way better than your opposition but clearly got dunked cause they have more AP/DP than you)
then this is the place for you! Whisper our Officers' family names at Efficiency, FanaticGR, Tsei, Pontirak & Blaylock

Look... we have 2 Vell drops in the past month and members getting Infinite HP Potions in less than 10 hours. I'm not saying anything but we have PEN Cron Stones luck in PLS ;)



Character Name Aggramar
Main Character Striker
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Character Name Aggramar
Main Character Striker
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What server were you from, Efficiency? I was Crystal desert SEA timetable wvw. 

by this chara name, guess u are also WoW player too?


Anyway Cantha is inc soon for our old game.


Good Luck with this BDO guild ya.


Toffee of Florin


Character Name Veonya
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