how to earn money depending on your time to play
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there are lots of way to find money in this game, but depending on your time to play wheter that you are an active player or a passive player, u can still maximize your earning by doing things that is suitable with you.

First we will divide the way to earn money in 3 form. AFK, Semi Active, and Active


1. AFK Fishing
2. AFK Training horses
3. AFK Processing
4. AFK Alchemy
5. AFK Cooking
6. Node Empire

Semi Active

Daily Log-in
Rift Bosses
World Boss
Scroll Boss

If u want to ask which one give the most money it's definitely the active way, but ofcourse it's time consuming time because you need to constantly move ur character without AFK-ing

first let's talk about the AFK part, for fishing, cooking, alchemy, and processing four of this realisticly can only go few hours of afk because the inventory weight / capacity, or you run out of mats. but still it gives decent money
while the node empire can only go few hours too because u need to always feed ur worker a beer
the only one that really get the true AFK is the horse training, since it doesn't need anything as long as u're online and set ur auto path loop.

now let's go to semi active
Trading is not really reccomended since it doesn't give that much money and u even need to do a bargain game which consume energy to get more money.
Bartering is consider one of the most source that earn money the most, but u need to invest a lot to do this effectively, lots of requirement is needed such as ur sailing mastery, a boat, etc
Farming is between afk and semi active actually because you just need to plant and wait for the plant to get 100% growth then u can breed / harvest it but still it give decent money if you're artisan farmer and you plant a magical seed.

now let's go to active
everyday BDO will give you a free gift everytime u log-in to game and this could give u a decent money if you stack it and sell it.
for the world boss it self, u can check the schedule in ESC -> F5 - 5 to see their schedule and always do that since it gives free gold and also you can get their weapon box which is very expensive.
for the rift boss it self will always spawn randomly but the more you do it, the more time will it spawn, you just need to go to a spesific location and kill them to get a special reward.
for the scroll boss, u need to combine a material to make the scroll then RMB the scroll to go to a spesific location after finish it u'll get a reward.
Hunting u need to use matchlock and butcher knife basically u need to kill with matchlock and then use the knife to butcher it.
the last one with have this DUO super earning money which is Grinding and Gathering, basically this two is the most efficient way to get it. but for gathering u need at least have a loggia to increase ur mastery and energy, while grinding u need at least have a better gear to grind a stronger mobs.

i do hope this tips and guide can help you progress in BDO on how to earn money.
this guide is inspired by EvilDoUsHarm video in youtube u guys might wanna check it out.

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