Guild Guide 4 Parts (July & August 2020 series)
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Good day everyone,

The guides below are not just for Guild Leaders and Officers, but is also for members as well. 

When all members understand how the guild mechanic works, you will be united rather than be in doubt.


My guide aims to help new players and guilds establish themselves in this game that we all have grown to love.
Feel free to use this link below in your own community discord or share them on platforms you feel might help others.

The link contains all the new player guides and is automatically updated whenever a new guide is released.

If you feel its helpful, please support my effort with a like & subscribe to the video and channel.

I do not expect anything else apart from above and I thank you for your support.


PART 1 (July 2020 release):
Guild Emblem, Capacity Increase, Size List, Rank Insignia, Server Promote, Recrutiment List Promote


PART 2: (July 2020 release)
Guild Bonus Payout Share Allocation System, Server Tax on Guilds, Tax reduction tips


PART 3: (August 2020 release)
Guild Contract Salary, Activity Point System for Max Salary Cap, Contract Salary Roles


PART 4: (August 2020 release) 
Guild Boss Scrolls, Missions for Guild, Guild EXP/SKill Investment, Buffs & Passive. Avoid Bankruptcy.


Hope above guides help everyone. If you have further questions, feel free to drop by Trinity Online Discord Community where we'll help you in a strictly positive environment. 



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