Looking for pvp/pvx guild
Oatsie 2020-08-09 19:41
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Hi all! 😁


I am a newish player to the SEA server though not the game. I did play 5 years ago in NA however it was way before kamalsyvia.


Anyway currently I am playing a month in and am sitting at roughly a 546 gear score. Once I get my pen capotia this week I should be at 561 ap nouver. I am a lahn.


UPDATE: now at 560GS


I'm looking for a semi hardcore yet friendly guild. 


Pvp t1 or t2 node is perfectly fine, as I'm getting back into the game. 


Definitely want to be apart of a group that does boss content together such as vell and Khan. 


And i can be a semi heavy grinder time to time but im also working on my caravel. 


So i would definitely love a friendly/helpful guild hope this criteria is easy to fit? Ha


Ps. I am from AU playing Aest which I think is GMT +10? So hopefully a guild that fits this timing?   Oh and my family name is Oatsie. 


Thanks! And hope to hear from you!

Character Name Oatsie
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Edit Date : 2020-09-04

Great to see your found a beautiful place to call a guild.


if anything doesn't work out just



no worries m8


welcome to SEA


Toffee of Florin

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