Market API Similar to NA/EU.
SoraneeToh 2020-08-11 21:05
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Hello GMs and fellow players. Somewhat recently (in the grand scheme of things), we got a really cool feature in being able to look at the marketplace and the prices of items listed therein using the website and later through an app on our phones, which has made making purchases and sales on the go not only possible, but easy. Kudos to the dev team on this addition, it is wonderful.


Now, NA/EU also have this online marketplace accesibility but unlike ours, their marketplace also includes Market API which allows players to access the average listed price etc. by using an Item ID in a URL. This is incredibly useful for one major, MAJOR reason. Such an API allows us players to create our spreadsheets (which we all have because that's part of the fun of BDO) in a way that the prices of the items we want to keep track of in our sheets are updated automatically according to the marketplace prices (because we can then simply get the price by asking the API periodically instead of manually checking inputting over and over). 


This shouldn't be very difficult for you to do as I'm sure the existing online marketplace on the website uses an API too, it's just that it's not publicly available. I strongly believe that following NA/EU's example on this would be a great idea as it would allow your players to make decisions on the marketplace easier, make sheets for grinding easier, and so on. There is no downside to making this available and NA/EU's decision to do so and the positive impacts it has had on player experience down there is only proof of this.


So, in conclusion, please consider adding a publicly accessible market API for the SEA market like they did with NA/EU.

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