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Averoze 2020-08-14 18:16
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Edit Date : 2020-08-14

Customer Satisfaction regarding Horoscope, will Pearl Abyss-SEA release Horoscope Change Coupon on Pearl Marketplace ?


My Argument :

1. Some new player doesn't notice horoscope option on character creation, so it get randomized, which some may regret it.

2. Since in character creation it doesn't tell you that it is permanent, some player may falsely think they can change horoscope by Beauty Coupon.

3. Regarding to Point 2, some player may waste pearl just to find out they can't change horoscope. This, in my opinion, is not Pro Customer.

4. Mechanic can be similar to Family/Character Name Coupon (Changed after maintenance). If there is Name Change Coupon, Should Horoscope Coupon be Possible too ?

5. Pearl Marketplace Sells everything, from cosmetics, mount, pet, furniture, anything, yet there is zero Amity Pearl Item. This might be a good time to release the Horoscope Coupon since there is so many new player right now after the release of Season Server.

*. Suggestion : If Yes there will be Coupon, Since amity is part of the BDO Gameplay, Horoscope coupon should be stricted into 1 per character (bound & 1 time use), this will ensure that no one will abuse the amity mechanic.

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Edit Date : 2020-08-15

yeah, we can already change name, i dont see the reason why horoscope can't. This seems a good win-win idea since PA also make healthy profit from it.

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