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Daily Activity with 100 Energy For NewAdventurer!!
Hotsu 2020-08-20 16:43
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Heidel City

--------There are so many daily activities that can be done at BDO, but here I only share daily activities with special recommendations for BDO players who have only been playing 1-2 weeks.---------


There are several daily activities that you can do after logging in to this game, depending on how many activities you will do or prepare. You can set your play schedule for 3 hours or more, and what are you doing for those 3 hours? Either you take 1 hour to grind monsters and 2 hours to afk lifeskill,.... or are you strong to grind for 2 hours and the rest you use for afk.


You have to log in at least 6 hours a day, what you get is (this is an event login reward):
- 1 box oasis per login in game with a duration of 30 minutes, in a day you can get 12 oasis boxes.
- 8 Terrmina acc enhancement stones with a login duration of 5 hours.

login event reward


Well, you need to know that in this BDO game there is an energy function, where you can use this energy for activities such as lifeskill. But how to get it is quite difficult, because you need a lot of knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the more energy you will get. For beginners who are just playing this game, at least you have got 100 energy from the main quest you are running and talk to all npc in every city.


so.... what activities can you do if you only have 100 Energy? Here are some daily activities that you can do as a beginner player.


-Login 6 hours a day (you can divide by 1 hour grind and 5 hours afk, or as you wish)

lifeskill afk activities, recommended for beginner players with 100 Energy (do in order):
-Gathering water (requires 1 energy per 1 action) - takes only 10-20 minutes
-Cooking (does not require energy) - Afk time depends on the number of dishes made, for beginner players it may take 10-20 minutes
-Fishing (no energy required) - duration depends on fishing level, number of slots in the bag, and type of fishing line.

afk fishing cooking

Fishing at Duvencrune and cooking at my home in heidel (Red line is ingredients, and blue line is a cooking results)

active activity, recommendations for novice players with 100 Energy (do in order):
-Gathering trees (1 energy for 1 tree) or collect meat for cooking ingredients.
-Actively fishing in hotspots (certain areas of the sea that are infested with many birds, need boats)

photoshoot with my guild after gathering

Photoshoot with my guild teammates after gathering trees

active activity grinding monsters :
-Grind according to ap / dp character and recommended grind area (recommendations for new players to grind at the Abandoned Iron Mine 20-30 million / hour)

grind at Abandoned Iron Mine

Looted Items at Abandoned Ironmines


Beginner players who have 100 Energy can get 3-5 million per 10 minutes.
Energy will recharge after 3 minutes, if kamasylvie blessing active 3 energies will be charged every 3 minutes. The energy of blessing without kamasylvie blessing, will only fill 1 every 3 minutes. 100 energies will be fully charged again after 100 minutes (with a value pack) and 300 minutes (without a value pack).




Those are the recommendations for daily activities that I can share, as I said at the beginning that there are many daily activities that you can do such as bartering, daily quests, summon boss scrolls from blackspirit daily quests, farming, hunting, and many more. If you have any questions, please comment below or whisper (personal chat) me in the game. Family Name: Reincarnt

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aha, nice to have someone think of us when we had 100 energy. <br>Tough times, be great if we had guides like this then.


Cheers Supporter Reincarnt.

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