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Tell Newbies : Get Rough Stone Without Gathering!!
Hotsu 2020-08-21 19:38
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Gathering Rough Stone

------ If you are a beginner player, maybe you are confused about what is a Rough Stone and why is it a necessary item? you can get the answer below !!! ---------


First Question, Why is this item really needed ?
Rough Stone is one of the many items that I might say you will need it every day, at least I recommend getting 200 rough stones every day. Why is it so needed every day? That's because you will need this item to make cooking utensils and alchemy, where lifeskill cooking is a lifeskill which is highly recommended for beginner players who just want to focus on their character's lifeskill level, once again, cooking is a lifeskill that I highly recommend.


You can make cooking utensils or alchemy in "Tool Workshop" level 2 - 3, the method is that you buy a house that has a tool workshop function and increase it to level 2 or 3. Not only that, you need a worker to make you the equipment. You can see the materials for making this equipment on the panel too, you can store the materials in storage.

Crafting materials


Maybe you are asking why lifeskill cooking takes precedence over other lifeskills?
That's because this lifeskill cooking doesn't require energy, as I said in my previous guide (Daily Activity with 100 Energy For NewAdventurer!!). And ingredients for cooking are very easy to find compared to ingredients for alchemy.
Note: The higher your cooking level and contribution points, the more silver you will get from "Imperial Cooking". You can get 30-150 million silver per day.

imperial cooking


I'm excited about cooking, then how do I get started?
You need a cooking utensil to be able to cook, therefore you need rough stone, log, melted iron shard, black stone powder. Some items can be found in the central market such as melted iron shard and black stone powder. the explanation is as follows.
Rough Stone: Gathering All Rock in All Area (hard to get on central market).
Log: Gathering All Trees in All Area (hard to get on central market).
Melted iron shard: Processing "Heating" iron ore (easy to get on central market).
Black stone powder: Processing "Grinding" tier blue crystal (easy to get on central market).


Me and My Friends Gathering Rough StoneMe and My Friends Gathering Rough Stone



Some of the finer cooking utensils will require materials such as Polished Stone and Usable Scantling,
Polished Stone: Processing "Grinding" Rough Stone.
Usable Scantling: Processing "Chopping" Log.


My recommended locations for getting the Rough Stone:
I need to remind you again that you can get rough stone in all types of stones throughout the area, but I will recommend this one place that is very filled with stones on every roadside that you can mine. The location is Pilgrim's Haven in the desert, my advice for beginners is to carry a compass in their bag. You can see the location in the image below.


Pilgrim's Haven Location

Pilgrim's Haven Location



Getting Rough Stone Without Gathering? How!!?
If you are tired of going around looking for rocks to mine, you can get rough stones in other ways, one of the ways I got it was by fighting the boss monster "Moghulis". You can get the scroll from the blackspirit daily quest, or buy it at the Pearl Shop Loyalties (it is not recommended to buy scrolls in Loyalties). To summon this boss, at least your character is level 50 and above.


Moghulis Summon Scroll






The number of rough stones you can get from Moghulis is 50 and above for 1 scroll.


That's the guide I can share right now, if you are still confused, you can comment below or whisper (personal chat) me in the game. Family Name: Reincarnt

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13 stones not bad at all!


Thanks for the info, Supporter Reincarnt.

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