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Chill Money Making - AFK Fishing
Auraenys 2020-08-27 12:15
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Have you ever read a guide so inspirational and revolutionary, you make it the center of your life, or at least your day? So impactful you factor it in and pause before any decision making...



This is NOT that guide


This is also not Fishing 101. This is however BDO: Making Silver with Fishing 101. Let's get started.



You Will Need:





Balenos Fishing Rod (REQUIRED) - Craft in a Tool Workshop. Buy from CM, clean or upgraded.

Maple Float (OPTIONAL) - Craft in a Tool Workshop. Buy from CM, clean or upgraded.

Seafood Cron Meal (OPTIONAL) - from Oasis Vendor.

Crio's Fishing Chair (OPTIONAL) - Exchange 5x fish bones with Crio in Velia. Craft from Carpentry Workshop. Buy from CM.


NOTE: You can use clean or upgraded Balenos Fishing Rod and Maple Float, the higher the upgrade the better, you upgrade these with Black Stone (Weapon). Also, when OASIS is removed you an use the regular or event Seafood Cron Meal. OPTIONAL items increase silver earned, but fishing can be done without them.


Once you have the above items, go find a fishing spot, cast your fishing rod, and wait for the fishies to come in. There is currently a FISHING EVENT in Terrmian Beach so I suggest start there, but normally I'd fish in Velia. So after several hours, could be after work or class, or in the morning when you wake up, your bag will be full of fish, time to make some silver.


I personally do them in this order.



1. Trade to Imperial Fish Delivery

Imperial Fish Delivery buys your BLUE and YELLOW grade fish for a higher per piece price than the Trade Manager, even after bargain. There is a chance for Trade Manager's to buy your fish at a higher price if you decide to trade it in a faraway place, adding a distance bonus, but again, this is "chill" money making, ain't no body got time for that.

Imperial Fish Delivery will buy your fish at a max 250% trade bonus if you have connected nodes, 30% if not. Personally, the nodes don't matter to me because I normally trade in the fish I got from that area. Fish quality is also not considered for pricing, as long as it is not expired.

It's also a quick way to sell your fish, and make some bag space. There is however a limit on how many you can exchange per reset.

There are currently 7 locations with Imperial Fish Delivery.




You can also use the Search NPC Function, key in Imperial Fish, to find the nearest one to your location.




2. Trade to Trade Manager

Since Imperial Fish Delivery only takes blue and yellow grade fish, you can sell your GREEN and ORANGE grade fish via the Trade Manager. You can bargain before selling to increase the price, you can also travel to a Trade Manager in a faraway location for the distance bonus if the node for where you caught the fish, and where you are trading it are connected (Check Distance Bonus Calculator).

Personally, I just trade it in the same location where I was fishing, but only after I bargain.

Trade Managers are the wheel icons on your map and can be found almost everywhere, even outside of towns. You can use the search NPC function for the nearest one to your location.



3. Sell to Central Market

You cannot sell fresh fish. You need to dry them first by processing (L). Dried fish however costs less than fresh fish, but it is the only way to sell fish to the Central Market. There are also nodes for dried fish, that do not require you to "fish", just send a worker to the node and the dried fish will automatically be stored in the connected storage.

I didn't have the dried fish node in the beginning, as you need Contribution Points to invest in nodes. But it is essential to have at least one once you start making a lot of dishes that require fish.




You can also cook fresh or dried fish. There are some recipes that require fish, the easiest and profitable is Good Feed. Recipes that require fish can use fresh or dried fish, for dried fish you need 2x the original recipe compared to using fresh fish, but dried fish is more versatile as they do not expire, and can be stored.



4. For The Newborn Kittens Quest

The most RNG way of earning silver from fishing.


This quest is a daily quest from Tranan Underfoe, Blacksmith of Velia. You need to give him the fish Corvina, regardless of quality as long as it's not expired. He will accept the fish even if you got it before getting the quest.

You can choose your reward, I personally choose the Mysterious Chest (Ring). If you get lucky, that's a free accessory that you can wear/upgrade/sell to the Central Market.






5. Selling Fish from Fishing Event

Last but definitely not least.

This is probably the most money you will make with fishing. However, as these are "events", they are only available for a short period of time, at least 1x or 2x a year, but can net you a minimum of 750 million per event

Currently happening is the Terrmian Fishing event where you can get the following:



Other fishing events give a different fish or item, but normally sell for the same minimum price of 500K per piece.

Event fish are also unlike the regular fish, as they can be stacked, and cannot be cooked. I collect all of them until the end of the event, and then sell all to any shop NPC after so I can easily track the total earnings.



So there you have it, my tried and tested ways of making money from Fishing. Note that I did not mention fishing level (Beginner, Apprentice, Skilled, etc) or fishing mastery or bag space, which you will grow eventually and is important for AFK Fishing. You will definitely earn more the higher those levels are, but everyone didn't suddenly have Guru level fishing, it took some time. Think of it as a marathon, rather than a race.


All you have to do is start.



Share your feedback and additions below. Thank you!


This is part of the Chill Money Making in 2020 series which is updated weekly.
Check it out and see other ways to make money in the coming weeks.



Character Name Auraenys
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Edit Date : 2020-08-27

EZ Money!!

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Edit Date : 2020-08-27

My way of making silver :DFishing

Character Name Reiona
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Edit Date : 2020-08-27

Nice guide.

Don't forget, you can get more from the trade buff when you trade in your fish at the imperial trade managers/trade managers. The distance bonus also applies.

Character Name Velsath
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# 5
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+1 Heart =)

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# 6
Edit Date : 2020-08-28


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Edit Date : 2020-08-29

Thank you all for the appreciation! As mentioned, this is the 1st in a series, with the rest coming in the next few weeks. At the end of the series, I will show you the math to net all of my earnings by doing this method.


Have a great weekend all!



Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 61
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