Remastered Graphic issue
KlevaTara 2020-08-29 16:46
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Edit Date : 2020-08-29

hi yall, so basically im here to tell you an issue that i'm currently dealing with regarding this 'remastered' graphic setting. so i noticed this the first time when i was in town with lots of horses near the stable and somehow some of the horses looked 'pixeled', this doesnt just happen on horses but also mobs on certain areas, the one i was really uncomfortable with was in polly's forest, the mushrooms literally look pixeled and idk why (sometimes it blinks sometimes it's not). i've contacted pearl abyss and all they said was just to change ur graphic setting lower, i tried... and it's still the same just a bit clearer, i also tried changing resolutions and it didnt work as well (i always play on 1280x720). So just wanna ask if some of you who play on remastered ever dealt with this issue before? its kinda uncomfortable (well tbh its annoying) for me, and my current spec is :

- cpu i7 9750h

- gpu rtx 2080 max q vram 8gb

- ram 16 (2x8) 

that's pretty much it, here i also attached some pictures so u can see it clearer

please help me if u know the solution cause i've checked all drivers are up to date, ive also tried to do a bit of custom on the settings but still didnt work...

help me pls :) thank you..

blablamy pixeled horseagainpixeled horsesyeppixeled mobssett

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