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Join Me in the Tub (Short Story)
SolaUii 2020-09-08 18:45
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SolaUii : Hmm... Bathing alone sure is boring...

SolaUii : Ah, I know! I should call her to come here!

Rhiisama, Come in here!

Rhiisama : Are you calling me, Milady? 

SolaUii : Yes, yes. I'm feeling lonely. Sit here and keep me accompany. 

Rhiisama : As you wish, Milady...

Rhiisama : .........

SolaUii : ...........

SolaUii : Ah! I know! Get undressed and join me in the tub! 

Rhiisama : Ehh?!!!  But... but it's not appropriate(;´д`)ゞ

SolaUii : It's fineee. No one will know about this anyway. Besides, we've known each other since we were kids! Didn't I told you to stop calling me 'Milady' when we're alone? Just call me Sola.
Rhiisama : As you wish, Mila-, I mean, Sola! Yes!

SolaUii : So how's the water temperature? Hot enough for you?

Rhiisama : ...Sola, I prepared the water for you...

SolaUii : Rightttt, I'm such an idiot. 



SolaUii as the Lady
Rhiisama as the Maid
Just some random screenshot we took in Rhiisama's house. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!ヽ(゜▽゜ )-

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Nicely done 


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On: 2020-09-09 04:34, By: Veonya

Nicely done 

Thank you!


Character Name SolaUii
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