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[10th Anniversary] Little Library
Rozenelle 2020-09-10 21:30
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Congratulations to Pearl Abyss for their 10th anniversary!


Last time, we received a Kamasylvia Furniture Set from Black Desert GM due to the pandamic.

On September 10th, 2020 - we received another one which is Coral Furniture Set to celebrate their 10 years of adventures with our loves and supports!


You can check the details here: [Notice] Celebrating 10 Years of Adventures!

[the coupon must be redeem and claimed by Wednesday - September 30th, 2020]



You can view my first (1st) residence here which is filled with the Kamasylvia Furniture: Velia 2-2.

Last time, I only had two (2) residence but now I got another residence in a small town called Olvia and the house is located beside the blacksmith- Olvia 6-3, where my pretty ranger (Theresa Marcy) now living in and will be touring with.



This house just very small and pretty straight forward. From the entrance, on your right side - you will see all of the furnitures I placed in and it's really dark, I forgot my chandeliers.


Marcy loves book and also likes spending her time reading. You will see lots of books in here (I mostly bought the books from NPC in Calpheon).


Marcy just thinking what she should get for dinner as it was getting dark while looking at her empty table.


As I stated, there is literally books everywhere - she could open up a library!

"Guess, I will look up for some more recipe to cook for dinner..."


She decided, maybe sleeping will let her decide on the meal she will be getting.

"Ah, don't know what to cook. Maybe sleeping will lead me to 'inspiration' on what shall I have for dinner..."


Marcy finally gets up and getting ready to go out...and yes, she's staring at her closed wardrobe.

"I should go out and get some food instead..."



So, that's all for today's tour!

Have fun with decorating your residence.

There is an on-going event for adventurers to join in from [September 10th, 2020 until September 20th, 2020 at 23:59 (GMT +8)]!



Thank you to the beauty album for my ranger's preset and also to the soul who listen the White Owl outfit. 


Event details: [Event] Enjoy Pearl Abyss’ 10th Anniversary Together!

*sorry for the lack of brightness in the pictures, I just have this sickness called lazy to adjust everything


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New pc even the walls shines better =)


GL with event, Reinswoth


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On: 2020-09-13 03:55, By: Veonya

New pc even the walls shines better =)


GL with event, Reinswoth

Where is yours? I want to see it too~
Thank you~ <3


Character Name Rozenelle
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