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Node Empire Progression (Port Epheria) -Pt.6
ThenFallenOne 2020-09-13 17:14
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Greetings adventurers, today I'm going to cover on what node to invest around Port Epheria (PE). Do note that, what I'm going to share is based on my own personal opinion and setup I currently have. PE is well known as fisherman village and also ship making village. If you are interested in making your own ship, PE is it for you to spend your CPs. If you have not seen my node investment you may click on the link below: 


1. Velia

2. Olvia

3. Heidal Pt.1

4. Heidal Pt.2

5. Glish

6. Keplan



1) Sufficient amount of Contribution Point (CP)

2) Worker Lodging


How many workers in Port Epheria (PE)

There are a total of 29 workers (28 from lodging + 1 free from town) can be hired in this town. You can purchase an additional 3 lodging from pearls which make it up to 32 workers at

PE. You may not need to unlock all the lodging if you are intending to get fish for cooking. As mentioned, PE also town of ship making, so you may need to invest slightly more on lodging to work on the ship.


What node to Invest?

I will be only covering on the node investment this round. As for ship making, I will be covering on a separate guide. Below is my setup at PE:


Nodes Materials Total CP from PE Node Linkage Remarks
Serca Island

Dried Porgy

Dried Flying Fish

Dried Scorpion Fish

Dried Mullet

2 PE --> Serca Island Do note on the inventory space if you decide to open multiple fish node since each node provides a different type of fish which will complete 1 storage space.
Randis Island

Dried Saurel

Dried Octopus

Dried Maomao

Dried Bigeye

4 PE-->Serca Island --> Randis Island

Dried Scorpion Fish

Dried Pintado

Dried John Dory

Dried Bigeye


Total CPs required for setup above

* This excludes CPs invested to the inventory


Items Total CP Lodging Location
Node 6  
Worker 2

PE 1-1, 1F

PE 2-1, Rm-1

Total 8  


My take away notes for PE node investment, please make sure you have sufficient inventory slot if you would want to expand beyond more than 3 fish node since each node has unique fish. Secondly, fish has its own type just like meat, so do your research on what type of fish required for your cooking recipe. My opinion, 3 fish nodes is enough for me to sustain my cooking since I also am cooking other meals. If you think 3 nodes not enough to cover, feel free to expand it.



That is for my setup on the PE node. Feel free to share your PE node setup here for other adventurers to refer. This would be good for beginners to have more options or general ideas on node investment. 

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Hello again, SUPPORTER DarkRisen


LOVE these short cuts


1. Velia

2. Olvia

3. Heidal Pt.1

4. Heidal Pt.2

5. Glish

6. Keplan


Hope you will consider making a post one day to compile this series for us to maybe archive it. So players can access them fast and also make it easier for us to share it with them.


Good luck with event!

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Nice guide, one suggestion i would like to make is to go with goblin workers for fish gathering. Since fishing nodes have high work load and it requires workers few hours to finish, so human and giant workers would be a lot slower.

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Good idea!! I will do a compilation and summary of it once I covered all the node.



Yes, Goblin worker will produce high output to it since it a node away from PE.


There general rules for me on workers:

If you constantly online = Goblin Workers - Fast work speed with low stamina

If you tend to afk a lot = Giant Workers - Slow work speed with high stamina

If you not sure how frequence ur online time  = Human worker - Balance between work speed and stamina


Character Name ThenFallenOne
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