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RAT RAMBLINGS: Mindset For Node War
Potatopower 2020-09-13 19:29
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Mindset For Node War


Hello adventurers!


Retromay(aka Mr. Rat) here one of the shotcaller from SUSHI guild bringing you collection of my thoughts which will be helpful for a guild who just started doing Node Wars.

There are many guides which address toward the mechanics about node war (e.g. fort building, location to plant and what things to prepare for node war) but this will be about preparing the mind more than items. 


We Will Talk About:
  1. Current scenario of node war and what you should expect.
  2. Generic mindset of a new guild.
  3. What and why things went wrong during node war.
  4. What can you do to be better and what should be the mindset.


So the current scenario for Node Wars is quite good now. From Tier 1 to tier 3 it’s getting very lively as new guilds are starting to show interest in Node Wars with the new changes. This is what you generally expect from each tier:


Tier 1: Here Sheet AP and DP is capped. A place where new players and guilds can start. You can learn about how defense and offensive structures work for cheap as they cost less. There is a lot of min maxing that people do and talk about in tier 1 node wars but we will leave that for some other day.


Tier 2: The fights in this bracket of node war are ever changing. Some day you will find easier fights and some day strong enemies. If I have to give a range for average gear scores of guilds attending it would be around 580 – 630GS. People generally prefer this tier of node war because the gear is not capped and is the next step for a guild after tier 1 node wars.


Tier 3-4: This is the place where mostly big guilds plants who have experience in doing node wars. As winning a tier 3-4 node gives you the ability to plant for siege. The avg  gear score will be above 610GS.



Now let's look into the generic mindset of a new guild shall we:


So finally your guild got enough members and everyone is excited to jump in your first Node War.

You read guides have perfect base setup, got good gear and you consider yourself decent in pvp also. Nothing can stop you from winning this node war right? After all its all about getting kills isn’t it? How hard it will be?


20 mins later in node war.


* FORT with no annex left *

* There is chaos in voice chat

* People everywhere scattered trying to get kills *

* Enemy surrounding your base from all sides don’t know where to fight *


10 mins more in node war….


*Fort destroyed*


From this point the guild might be thinking these things –

  • The opponent was just too strong.
  • My class is bad.
  • Other members didn’t do well enough.
  • Node Wars are just bad.
  • This game sucks!!!


But that’s not it. There are a lot of things you should evaluate before making a remark and one of the major thing you have to understand that experience is the biggest factor in winning node war. For a guild who stepped into Node War for the first time most likely things won’t go as you expect them to be. That is just because the other guilds are more experienced and have better grasp at the situations happening in node war.  


The correct mind set should be and what should be done -

  • To find mistakes in yourself.
  • Discuss with guild mates what went wrong.
  • Try to avoid repeating the same mistakes.
  • What can we do to counter enemy strategies.
  • Not to think as a individual but as a guild.


The only time you are should say that we lost to other guild because they have more gear than us is when you have tried everything you can. Every guild wants to win and they will try every possible way to achieve that. 


If you wish to follow the same path as veteran guilds DON’T FEAR FAILURE. Every guild that is currently on top they have worked hard, tried many different strategies and failed countless of times. You learn from your experiences and grow from the sheer determination to get better.


Have patience with your guild and members. You can make perfect strategies and plans but they don’t work every time. It takes time for everyone in guild to adjust to the pace and understand how exactly they are going to execute things.


But for starters you can begin with finding the strength’s and weakness of your own guild members. If you are a shotcaller of your guild or even a normal member you should know the limitations of your guild.


How to assess that and make it understandable for everyone?

  • The thing which can define a guild strength is average gear score. You can setup bot in discord where you can ask guild members to submit details or it can be as easy to fill form with a screenshot of their gear. This will help a lot in deciding what fights you can take.
  • Next will be the class composition. Every guild have different class compositions and they have different strategies depending on that. Suppose if your guild have more flank classes ( ex. Ninja, kuno, musa etc.) your engages will be a lot faster but ultimately you will have troubles with a guild which have more pa classes as the war progresses. So knowing what classes your members play will also help in making decisions.

  • Knowing personal habits of members. This is a thing which only comes after experience and time spent doing pvp with each other and fighting side by side. How can I know this if this is my first node war? Hold practice sessions in battle arena have some fun, friendly guild wars ( this is what I personally recommend just ask your friendly guilds to hold this kind of event).


So these are some of the basic things that everyone should know before joining node wars. There are obviously many things which are left to be covered and I will talk about them later in different post in this series and make some in depth guides. I hope this helps people to look at node wars in a positive way. As it is a great guild activity and everyone should be having fun while doing it :D


So please do share your feedback and additions below.


If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to contact me ingame or on discord(Retromay#4383). 


Rat out ~


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Edit Date : 2020-09-13

The best rat sea!

Character Name Shou
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# 3
Edit Date : 2020-09-13

Best rat Best shotcaller SEA <3

Character Name ArcaneInvoker
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# 4
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is this that pog ninja that wipe entire enemy balls?

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# 5
Edit Date : 2020-09-13

I showed this to my cat, it rerolled to rat class

Character Name Mollahn
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# 6
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Have followed a few SC in my NWs.


The nice ones sometimes can't make hardcalls.


The 'GREAT' ones scolds and humiliates if we fail to carry out HIS God calls. 




He's a RAT.


He makes the Nodewars enjoyable which I find personally important, as some of us just got home from college, class, work..... NW is like one of the socialble event which a guild does together. 


Whatever happens in Nodewars, stays in Nodewars.


Months down the road, many moments will be forgotten.


BUT I shall remember the moment A Rat wiped the enemy Main Ball he was supposed

to keep busy at our fort.........................


Play for the Memories,


Toffee of Florin


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appreciate some RAT GUIDE too sir


Toffee of Florin

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Thank you guys for your lovely remarks <3


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Thank you, Lord of the Heidel Rats. When is mindset for thr Siege War series?

We are liberating rats from other cities as well, right?




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Edit Date : 2021-01-24

Its been almost 4 months , Where is part 2 ?

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