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Nineteen-ninety-three. 1993, that is. The year I made my debut out of a woman’s womb in Singapore. Not just any womb though. It is well-known fact that I was abandoned by the woman and man who apparently decided, or maybe undecided, to bring me into this world. 

Growing up, despite having done a couple of television commercials, I was never an outgoing person. Not one to jump into any conversation. In primary school, or middle school, I do have friends but that ends when I am at home. I’m lonely and that has been something I’ve been trying to get used to. When I was ten, I was bullied up until I was twelve. Honestly, there were not any serious physical bullying but a bully is a bully. Things seemed to get better in high school but the bullying did not stop. I was still bullied daily. It might seem like I have many friends and companions but as usual, I’m alone again when I’m at home. I do not have anyone to go to when I’m down apart from the girl that I dated for three months. Even so, she could not help much. I had a few achievements that I was proud of. From having small roles in dramas to choir-singing to dancing Michael Jackson songs to being an emcee and ending as the head of monitors. Even though these are just small remedies, nothing seemed to cure my loneliness and the tears that follow every single day without fail.

If anyone want to be a friend in the cruel world feel free u are always welcomed :) 

My Discord:   MythBuster#9684


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