Adventurers of Heidel - Field Boss, Mutant Ogre
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Hello, adventurers...


You might have heard about us, or maybe you haven't....

We're Adventurers of Heidel, a small community (or cult?) of Black Desert SEA players that were originally from our nice little server Heidel-1.


We welcome anyone from any guild, any server, to join and have fun together in our DISCORD SERVER



What we do so far beside just hang out and random discussions:


Field Boss Hunting. We have a dedicated channel for that. Spawn report, status, and server. With the revamped field bosses rewards and especially mudster mechanic, fighting them would be more interesting and fun.



Mutant Ogre Raid. We recently platoon up for this too. Check the forum post by Toffee here. We plan on doing this every sunday. Join the raid for a chance to get Soiled Ogre Ring or even the legit Ogre Ring! May god of RNG bless us all...



Shai Pre School Community Event. You know what it is...



So, come join Adventurers of Heidel and let's make more companions in our journey through the world of Black Desert!






*Further detail about us here.

**Mutant Ogre Raid forum post by Toffee here.

***Some of our past events here, here and here.

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