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Shai's Music Class
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With the new patch introducing additional instruments for Shai and the ability to summon your Shai to play music anywhere, I’m sure that many of you adventurers are interested in making some music in BDO! I’m sure that there are times where you wanted to play your favourite song but couldn’t find it in the Music Album. Why not compose it yourself?  


I am Lunastryke and in this guide, I’ll be teaching you how to compose your own songs in BDO with little to no musical knowledge required! I managed to compose a few complex songs without having much musical knowledge myself so hopefully you will be able to do so too after reading this guide. I do not have very in-depth musical knowledge and there may be small mistakes / misconceptions in the guide, so if there’s any questions or issues with the guide’s content, please leave a comment below so that I can change it!


I will be gathering all the materials in the guide together in a Reference section at the very bottom of the guide so you can use it for easy reference when composing.



Quick guide to the Music System

This official guide for the music system by the Devs on all the features of the music system in the link here [ ], but for now all you need to know is how to open the music composing menu! ESC > Community > Music Album > Compose


Music Grade

Here, I would like to first point out something about Music Grade. Currently the max you can go is C-, and this affects the length of songs you can play and compose, so I would recommend getting this up to C- as soon as possible. Music exp is gained from daily quests and Music Advancement Quests that can be found under O > Suggested Quests or O > Recurring quests. Levelling is pretty fast though, C- grade can be achieved in 2-3 days.



This guide will be for the Piano instrument which is used in many songs. It can also be used for some of the other instruments such as the Guitar instrument. Pick a song you like and follow along!


Pick your favourite song and find a piano score (sheet music) for it

We will be composing songs using the piano instrument, as a lot of songs are played on the piano. To have an easier time composing songs, use sheet music meant for a piano, even if you are using the guitar instrument. (Make sure to give credit to the score composer and check whether it is fine to use their score before actually using it! )


Basic Settings before we begin

First, we have to set the tempo and time signature of the song. These determine how fast the notes are played and the duration and number of the notes in each bar. 

In BDO, Tempo is referred to by BPM which stands for Beats Per Minute and Time Signature is referred to by Meter. 


Generally the tempo and time signature should be indicated at the start of the piano score, so for the below case, we will be using 96 BPM and a 4/4 Time signature. ( You may have problems changing the BPM to 96 as there seems to be a small bug where you cannot clear the BPM and leave it empty, so to type 96, you probably have to type 19 then 96)

Tempo and Time Signature

Reading Notes

Now that we’ve got the timing and tempo down, let’s start to look at how to read the music score! First thing we will be looking at is the position of the notes on the lines and what they mean.



The first thing we have to look at when looking at the notes are these 2 symbols, normally on the leftmost bar of the score. They are called the Treble Clef and the Bass Clef. These symbols help to show what pitch the music notes are at. (In BDO this is the number beside the letter, i.e. C4, B5, etc.)

The 5 lines on the music score is called a Staff, and each line along with the spaces in between the lines represents a different letter. As we go up the staff, the notes go up in alphabetical order, from A to G. When it reaches G it restarts from A again, but now the pitch is 1 higher. (A5 instead of A4) Here’s a picture to help you understand better.  

Notice how there are numbers beside each letter? These correspond to the numbers on the BDO composing system! So when composing, you can refer to this to make sure you enter the notes correctly. 



Another thing to take note, you will most probably see these 3 symbols below somewhere in the music score. These symbols will change the sound of the note by half a step. Refer to the table below for how the notes change when a sharp or flat is applied!


Sharp Symbol #

Moves the pitch of the note up a step

Natural Symbol 

Changes a note which was modified with a sharp or flat back to its original pitch
Flat Symbol ♭

Moves the pitch of the note down a step.


Certain music scores will put the sharps and flats at the start of the score, right before the time signature, like in this case below. This simply indicates that all the notes along the same line should be changed to the respective sharp or flat version. In the case below, all Bs should be changed to B♭ and all Es should be changed to E♭. 



Now that we’ve got the position of the notes down, we need to know how long to play each note for. Previously we set the Time signature as 4/4 and here is where that comes into play. The top number represents the number of beats in a bar and the bottom number represents the value of that beat. So a value of 4/4 means that there is 4 beats of value ¼ in a bar, ⅜ means that there’s 3 beats of value ⅛ in a bar. (If this is confusing just read on first!)


The score is separated into bars by bar lines and these correspond to the same ones in the BDO compose system. All notes in a bar should also fit within the BDO compose system bar. (If it doesn't fill it fully or exceeds the bar, most likely the timing of some of your notes are wrong so check them again!)



Piano Notes


Here is a quick chart of the most common types of notes for reference and their values. A Rest simply means that you don't play anything so just leave it blank for that particular time duration when composing. You may run into some other rare special notes when composing, but i’ll leave that to you to search it up!



In the BDO Compose menu, you can select the duration of each note that you are using from the Note Attribute dropdown. Notice that the largest value is only ¼  so if you want to play a whole note you need to use one of the ¼ notes and click and drag to extend the duration, essentially filling up the whole bar, if your time signature is 4/4.



Sometimes notes might be connected to each other by a beam, but it’s simply for the ease of reading.

However if they are connected by a curved line (called a tie) like so, it means that the notes are meant to be played as if they were one note. Take note of how the notes are supposed to look like in the compose system below.


Tips and Tricks

You can right click a note to delete it.

You can click and drag the right side of a note to change its duration

Theres a Select Option on the top where you can select multiple notes at once and move or delete them

There’s a temporary save button at the bottom left that will save whatever you composed into a file called TempFile.



And with that we have come to the end of the music lesson! I’ll be showing some examples of how the notes look like after being put into the BDO compose system so hopefully if you still have anything that you are not sure about, the examples will clear it up! A quick reference guide is also included down below. I hope this has helped you to start out on your own composing journey!



Many thanks to the resident music teacher VONSOL of my guild <Blackwatch> guiding me through and answering my many questions about music in general. This guide would not have been possible without her.

Composing Examples

Composing Reference Materials


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This will be so useful for people without music background!

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This is so helpful and easy to follow for someone with 0 musical talent (like me T^T)

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Is it possible to write tremolo on shai's composer?

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Is it possible to compose a song outside games?

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