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Node Empire Progression (Trent) -Pt.8
ThenFallenOne 2020-09-27 21:30
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Greetings adventurers, today I'm going to cover on what node to invest around Trent. Do note that, what I'm going to share is based on my personal opinion and setup I currently have. If you have not seen my node investment you may click on the link below: 


1. Velia

2. Olvia

3. Heidal Pt.1

4. Heidal Pt.2

5. Glish

6. Keplan

7.Port Epheria (PE)

8. Calpheon



1) Sufficient amount of Contribution Point (CP)

2) Worker Lodging


How many workers in Trent

There are a total of 10 workers (9 from lodging + 1 free from town) can be hired in this town. You can purchase an additional 3 lodging from pearls which make it up to 13 workers. Trent is a small village which focuses toward on lumbering activities. If you are interested in making lumber crates, you can consider investing these few nodes.


What node to Invest?

Below are the few nodes in my opinion which good to invest. As I'm not majoring in crates at the moment, I did not put much focus on these nodes. You may refer below setup as references:


Nodes Materials Total CP from Trent Node Linkage Remarks
Lumberjack's Rest Area

Cedar Timber

Spirit's Leaf

2 Trent --> Lumberjack's Rest Area Spirit's Leaf is a base material for bartering. It easily sell-off in Central Market. As for timber, you may consider turning it to crate.
Treant Forest

Fir Timber

Bloody Tree Knot

6 Trent --> Lumberjack's Rest Area --> Abandoned Monastery --> Treant Forest Blood Tree Knot is a base material for bartering. Just like Spirit's Leaf, it easily can be sell-off in Central Market. As for Fir timber, you may consider turning it to crate.
Mansha Forest

Weathered Cursed Fang

Trace of Despair

Trace of Violence

Tough Bear Hide

Cursed Quartz Shard

9 Trent --> Lumberjack's Rest Area --> Abandoned Monastery -->Tobare’s Cabin --> Mansha Forest

Traces is the main attraction for this node. If you have no use of these traces, you may sell it over to Central Market. Rest of it is additional scraps which can be sold to NPC


* If you have limited CP, may consider skipping this node as the cost of CP quite high.


Total CPs required for setup above

* This excludes CPs invested to the inventory


Item Total CP Lodging
Node 17  
Worker 6

Trent 1

Trent 2

Trent 3

Total 23



If you decide not to take Mansha Forest, the total CP required is 11 (Node = 8, Worker = 3 from Trent 1 and Trent 2)



That is for my setup on the Trent node. Feel free to share your Trent node setup here for other adventurers to refer. This would be good for beginners to have more options or general ideas on node investment. 

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