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How to get infinite potion in BDO
Freyara 2020-09-28 21:23
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Edit Date : 2020-09-29

Hello everyone, this is your supporter Freyara

today i want to share a guide about how to get the best treasure in this BDO world which is the

Ornette’s Spirit Essence (Infinite HP Potion) and Odore’s Spirit Essence (Infinite MP Potion)



In this guide we will talk about the Infinite HP potion first then MP potion will be posted later.

Ornette’s Spirit Essence (Infinite HP Potion)

Effect:  HP Recovery +275
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 sec.
Weight: 50 LT

There is a 45% recovery bonus if it is used when a character is immobile.

This item will not disappear after being used.

Lore:  Spirit essence made with the blessing of the spirits, filled with the energy of the sun.

There are 5 ingredients that you need to make this

5 Ingredients:

Sherekhan’s Panacea (Drieghan drop)
Ron’s Tintinnabulum (Kamasylvia drop)
Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak (Drieghan drop)

Musical Spirit’s Sound Stone = 300xPeridot Leaf
Gayak’s Courage Stone = 30x  Garmoth’s Scales


3 of this items require you to grind, because it is a drop from monsters

for the  Sherekhan’s Panacea (Drieghan drop) it is a drop from

Sherekan Necropolis which is located on the left side of duvencrune (drieghan region) u need at least 210 AP to grind in this place
in this place the mobs will be different according to the time you go there
if you grind in the morning until noon the mobs that drop the sherekan panacea is Garud and Belcadas and in the evening will be Lateh so make sure u focus on them depending on your time when you grind there.

Infinite Potions Guide – BDFoundry


Ron's tintinnabulum Ron’s Tintinnabulum (Kamasylvia drop) drops in Tooth Fairy Forest which is located upper left of grana (kamasylvia region)
in this place the mobs that drop the piece is Forest Ronaros Catcher and Forest Ronaros Guardian, u need at least 240 AP to grind in this place
this place also drops the Earth Rumbling Shard which is needed for the another piece.


Ash Halfmoon kagtunak Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak (Drieghan drop) drops in Blood wolf settlement which is located right side of duvencrune (drieghan area) u need at least 190 AP to grind here
The mobs that drop the piece are Kagtum Executioner and Kagtum Guard.


After getting all the 3 pieces now you can take a quest from Merindora

she is located inside grana on the right side. the quest is needed to get the other two pieces.


After getting the quest now you can exchange the garmoth scale for Gayak’s Courage Stone
the exchange NPC is Camira which is the node manager of sherekan necropolis

and the last piece which is Musical Spirit’s Sound Stone can be exchanged to Moyamo which is the node manager of the Okiara river

After getting all the pieces now u need to arrange them in to this shape
dont forget to "un-check the auto arrange item"

Then u got it the super treasure infinite potion

Character Name Freyara
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