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How to get infinite mp potion
Freyara 2020-09-29 11:17
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Edit Date : 2020-09-30

Hello everyone, this is your supporter Freyara

today i want to share a guide about how to get the best treasure in this BDO world which is the

Ornette’s Spirit Essence (Infinite HP Potion) and Odore’s Spirit Essence (Infinite MP Potion)

this is the continuation from the previous guide, in this guide we will talk about the Odore's Spirit Essence which is the infinite MP potion

Odore’s Spirit Essence (Infinite MP Potion)

The Infinite MP potion requires the following items:

5 Ingredients:

Valtarra’s Clairvoyance (Kamasylvia drop)
Markthanan’s Gland (Drieghan drop)
Narc’s Crimson Tear (Kamasylvia drop)
 Krogdalo’s Protection Stone = 100x Rumbling Earth Shard Rumbling Earth Shard
Night Crow’s Dawn Stone = 100x Dragon Scale Fossil

First is Valtarra’s Clairvoyance (Kamasylvia drop) for this item it is slightly different from others because after u kill the mobs you need to use tanning knife to get the item so your life skill mastery for tanning will also responsible to get a higher chance for this item, if your tanning below 650 i suggest go use the magic tanning knife for higher chance, u can purchase the magic tanning knife in central market.
the monster that drops this item is located in Navarn Steppe which is right side of grana, the mobs that dropped the piece is Ferrina, Ferrica, Belladonna Elephant and baby Belladonna Elephant, i suggest just skip the elephant and just kill the ferrina and ferrica since both of them are easier to kill and respawn faster, btw u need 210 AP for this place to grind easier. dont forget to equip your tanning knife in ur char and press R after killing the mobs.


The second piece that we will talk about is Markthanan’s Gland (Drieghan drop)this item is a drop from Tshira ruins which is located in right top side of duvencrune, you need at least 140 AP to grind in this place.
the mobs that drop the piece are Leaf Keeper, Vine Keeper, Grove Keepers, make sure to focus on them in this place, this place also drops the garmoth scale that needed for the infinite HP potion.


The third piece is Narc’s Crimson Tear (Kamasylvia drop) this item drops in Manshaum Forest, this place is located on the right top of Grana,

you need at least 240 AP to grind in this place, different than the others the mob that drops the piece in this place is only one, which is the Manshaum Shaman which make this place is the hardest of all, but what can i say RNG is RNG, this place also drops the Earth Rumbling Shard that is needed for the infi HP potion.

After getting all the 3 pieces now you can take a quest from Merindora

she is located inside grana on the right side. the quest is needed to get the other two pieces.

for the 4th piece  Krogdalo’s Protection Stone = 100x Rumbling Earth Shard Rumbling Earth Shard you need to go to Krogdalo's trace which is located left top side of grana, you will need to bring 100 Earth Rumbling Shard to exchange the piece
there are several ways to get the Earth rumbling shard, 1st Exchanging Horse seal, 2nd Grind in certain mobs, 3rd Peridot leaf exchanging


for the last piece Night Crow’s Dawn Stone = 100x Dragon Scale Fossil  you need to go to Forebodding Altar who is the node manager of garmoth's nest he is located on top of duvencrune,
you will need to bring 100 dragon scale fossils to exchange for the piece
this item can be obtained by grinding in certain mobs or purchasing in central market.

after getting all the pieces now arrange them in to this shape

don't forget to un-check the auto arrange item in your inventory

Then there u go !! u got it !! the infinite mana potion Odore’s Spirit Essence

Good luck !

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