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Some Chapters are locked behind Quest-walls. This means that you must complete the main quests first to unlock it.
Full completion of Kamasylvia 2 Main Quest Line & Full completion of O'dyllita-1 Main Quest Line is required.
Later when we get the O'dyllita-2 Main Quest Line, we will receive a new "Tome" similar to Chenga Tome.
This tome will be needed to exchange to Black Spirit in order to unlock the next Chapter of Journal.

We will not be able to complete the entire Journal as soon as possible because it will be gated by the updates of O'dyllita 2. But if We get the full version of O'dyllita update then we will be able to complete the Journal.

Tip: Always check your journal after completing a Chapter to receive the rewards and proceed to next quest. 
Note: Take this information as incomplete and has translation errors. Generally this will just give you insight what is to come in the next content update.
Note: Some requirements are given in another Chapters or Book. So I think its possible to start the chapters in any order within the same book. (Unconfirmed)

Find Luthragon in Muiquiin, he's just right next to the Stable Keeper.

Note: Complete Book 2 & Book 3 first to unlock this Chapter.

Unlock the Seal of Ancient Spellbook in Tarif
Note: In order to complete this chapter, you must have the Ancient Spellbook which can be obtained from Zahad in Valencia after you complete Chapter 3.
Go to Tarif, one of the houses there with floating books.
Wait until a "blue light" appears.
When the "blue light" appears, interact with the floating books and use 50 energy WITH the Ancient Spellbook in your inventory.

Obtain the Ancient Spellbook from Zahad
Go to Zahad in Valencia.
Talk to Zahad during Night Time, he will then ask you 3 questions.
Answer these questions correctly to complete the quest and you'll be rewarded with the Ancient Spellbook.
Note: You will use 50 energy per answer attempts.
Complete O'Dyllita Knowledge
You must complete all knowledge of O'dyllita in (H) -> O'dyllita category.
And you must have completed the O'dyllita main quest line.

Interact with the Black Shard
Go back to Grana, find the Kamasylvia Tree (West of Brolina Ornette).
Interact with the floating black shard with a red glow to complete this book.

Go to the place where Caphras was first found
Go to Grana, in Kamasylvia.
Find the Kamasylvia Tree, inside the Tree, there will be a floating light.
Interact with the light to start this Chapter.

Hunt Monsters in Navarn Steppe
Kill 150 Featherwolves.

Show Valencia the Eastern Culture
Go to Quina, the trade manager of Altinova.
Purchase the  trade item: Eastern Culture
Bring and trade this item to the Valencia Trade manager.

Collect Valencia Knowledge
Valencia City Expedition: H -> Adventure Journal -> Valencia Journal
Valencia (Great Desert): H -> Topography -> Valencia
Note: You must get all the knowledge above. Total of 28 Topics.

Defeat Monsters in Pilaku Jail
Kill 3,000 monsters in Pilaku Jail.

Create the Cadry Ring
Note: Purchasing Cadry Ring from CMP or Looting it from Mobs will not trigger the quest completion. You must craft this.
Cadry's Piece - Blue Ring
Cadry's Piece - Obsidian Decoration
Cadry's Piece - Ruby Ornament

Find out what happened in Veila
Note: You must complete 3 different quests.
Quest 1 - Someone's Remnant
- Talk to Zaaira, the Material vendor in Veila.
- Gather 100 Corns and bring it back to Zaaira.
- Get the Caphras essence from quest completion.
Quest 2 - The Trace he Left
- Go to Alustin and bring x10 Titanium Ore, x100 Powder of Crevice, x1000 Black Stone Powder
- Get the Caphras powder from quest completion.
The Tragedy Revealed
- Talk to Alustin again with your Caphras Essence & Caphras Powder in inventory.

Obtain the Cron Castle Knowledge
Gold Coin of Cron Castle - Can be obtained by completing a quest from Igor Bartali.
Cron Castle Fall - Reach 501 Amity from Tranan Underfoe.
Altar of Cron Castle - Interact the Altar of Cron Castle (requires 5 Energy).

Note: Completing this chapter gives you a new title!

Find where the Caphras was Sealed
- You need to dive underwater west of Cron Castle and interact with the blue light.
Note: No further information is available as of this moment.

Learn about the History of Illiya Island
Go to Diega to start the Quest line. You need to complete 2 quests to complete this Chapter.
Quest 1: The woman of Caphras
- Talk to Diega and show her the Caphras Journal.
- Receive Caphras Leaf as reward from Quest completion.
Quest 2: Immortal Tome
- Obtained from Black Spirit
- Give Black Spirit the Caphras Leaf and give him the Caphras Journal.
- Receive "Caphras - Tome of Light & Shadows" as quest reward from quest completion.

Note: Caphras - Tome of Light & Shadows IS the requirement for Book 1!
Note: You will also receive new title upon completing this Chapter.

Note: Before we proceed to Book 4, make sure you completed Book 1, 2 & 3!

Find the Gift of Illiya Island
Go to Barbara in Illiya Island.
Tip: She's standing in front of a building, go behind the building and interact an object called "Memory of Caphras", you will receive "Rusted Headband" after the interaction.

Deliver the Gift
Bring the Rusted Headed to Orean which you can find him in front of Kzarka Shrine in Serendia.

Visit Caphras' Lab
Go to Caphras Cave and interact with the Black Shard.

Kill Cadry Monsters
Kill 3,000 Cadry Ruins monsters

Find the Memory of Caphras in Valencia
Interact the object Memory of Caphras in Valencia City royal garden.

Complete the Altar of Blood!
Complete the Altar of Blood Quest line first.
You can obtain the quest from Black Spirit, quest name is [Altar of Blood] Yaz and the Mountain of Sanctity.

Tip: This is a Family wide quest so if you have completed this before, then you're good to go!

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# 2

I need help, I can't find Luthragon in Muiquun, chapter 1 is also not unlocked yet even though I already did chapter 2&3 and have the tome and title equipped. Do we have to wait for O'dyllita 2 questline?


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Hi, I'm stuck at getting Gold Coin of Cron Castle knowledge. Which quest exactly should I take from Igor Bartali to get that knowledge?

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