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Hi there, It's me Excalibar. I haven't posted any guide for a long time so here i am back to help all the beginner/ veteran players on how they can make profit in each life skills.

         It's a common thing that whenever we are trying to get into any activity like lifeskill at first we look for the profits that we can make off those lifeskill.But to reach that level or cap to start making profits it's a hard patient for some who don't know if they are even reaching that goal. Many stops in the middle thinking they are wasting their time. Well thats the part were we are doing wrong leaving in the middle of the progress. Each lifeskill got a specific level that is needed to reach before you can start making any kind of profits. Here i will be explaining the caps and why you must keep on working hard to level it up and make alot of profits!


Lifeskills which are easy to level up:

Fishing is a fun activity if you do it actively with your friends or guildmates. One can make really good money by doing hotspot fishing. Lifeskill such as fishing can be levelup really fast and easily by doing inactive fishing overnight or doing actively fishing in deep sea. To make profits one must atleast reach master fisher in order to cancel out all the other fish and catch only yellow fish but for this it must be noted that a balenos fishing rod with brand stone enhanced is a must to keep the durability less consumable. And as there are mastery gear as well it is advised to keep atleast 700 mastery in order to catch more rare fish. With 700 mastery you can also do harpooning and make some good profit out of fishing. But harpooning can be tiring and kind of random chance to get the expensive fish. Not all the new players are into inactive lifeskilling as they are more done by the players who are busy working most of the time and enjoys the game at later free time so if you are a active fisher you are going to make more money doing hotspot fishing or deep sea fishing.


Lifeskills with medium caps but still easy to level up:

                                                                                        Life skills such as Farming, Hunting, Trading, Sailing, Training can be leveled up easily but needs to put some effort but it's a fun activity to do so.


                            For farming, you don't need any mastery + cloths to do farming anyone can start doing farming and make great profit out of it. It must be noted that one of the core and highly used material for dream horse attempt comes from farming so the demand of farmers is actually high in the game so one will always make profit doing farming due to high demand of fodder. But it is must to reach a certain lifeskill level in order to make farming more profitable. Let's start with 10 large fence and you start with purple mushroom hypha which gives alot of farming exp in game. To level up farming one must provide water and fertilizer to make the crop grow time less to be able to breed more. So while the crops are growing there will be bugs in the crops which is needed to be removed and must be done actively to gain more exp and must note this one is supposed to breed the seed unless you are going to do cooking you can also collect the fruit. As this is some kind of gathering you can actually get sharp/hard stones other than the extra exp or fodder item while doing this. Many farmers only keeps 10x10 farms to gather sharp stones for profit. Well, once you reach artisan level of farming the real deal begins from there. Artisan farming level will allow you to get magical seeds by breeding special seeds. Each magical seeds takes up to 5 or 10 space per seed based on the previous seed. It is wise to choose those seeds which takes 5 slot and less time to grow. After hitting artisan farming you are able to make same about of fodder mats which you were able to make off on special seeds on magical seeds so you wont have to worry about it but there wont be any sharp/hard sadly but you can sell the magical seeds to the npc directly so there will still be profits. After breeding farming seeds the extra mats you get other then the seeds itself are advised to keep atleast 20 of each to make fodder (Do Not Sell Them). One thing needed to be noted that it is advised to hit artisan processing in order to proc higher chance of getting more fodder while doing simple cooking. I am sharing a doc link to help others with choosing the right seeds to farm.


Hunting is a fun activity to do so. One can do it solo or with friends. There is barely any downside to this activity but if you have a higher level of hunting you will be able to use strong and higher level matchlock to kill hunting monsters easily.But there is an alternative for that as well to be able to use higher level of hunting matchlock if you have a higher mastery. Unless like other lifeskill, Having a higher mastery is actually good for hunting. Not only you get alot more mats off each monster but you can get higher grade hides like supreme hide which can be used to create trading item and those are really valuable and can be made to make alot of profit. Hunting is the only lifeskill which have a chance to drop concentrated black magical stone which cost around 10mil each in the market. Other than that sharp stones drop alot from doing hunting and you get a full package if you are a meat/hide gatherer you can get all of those by killing hunting mobs. The only downside of this lifeskill is you need to run alot for repairs as the gears durabilty drops really fast so it is perfect for tent users other than that one will have to run to repair station alot of time to get the matchlock repaired but it is still a good way to make money and a fun activity.


Trading is another inactive/ active type of lifeskill and it's rather a big investment type of lifeskill. One must invest alot of mats to create trading boxes in order to level up trading really fast or it will take some good time to level up trading unless you are doing it actively. There are alot of ways in youtube you can search for to level up trading. But for me i would say take sometime and invest on a few nodes or gather woods or stones and make crates alot of them around 25k crates will be enough to hit master trading easily. The reason you want to hit higher trading level is to be able to transfer expensive trading goods and a higher level trader makes a lot of money doing trading only and it barely takes effort after reaching master level. You can do trading via sea side or travel valencia take the trading buff either way you will make alot of profit. It is time you need to invest and wait for the right time to go and trade off the mats but beware of bandits. Many beginner players set their wagons or horse on afk to ride to valencia without knowing about bandits.In each roads there is a chance for bandits to appear they will attack your wagon/horse and if you die you will loose all the stuffs you where carrying so dont go afk while trading and use lower level character to avoid pk players.


Sailing was one of the most popular lifeskill to level up when the seamonster hunting was a thing. A huge number of players switched to sailing to do sea monster hunting and made tons of money from it. Maybe it is not profitable to do seamonster hunting anymore but it is advised to level up sailing in order to do bartering/ use ship skills. Higher level of sailing not only provides the facility of using higher skills it also increases a ships base speed. Sailing can be leveled up by doing oquilla daily quest, Daily quest from (Velia wharf and port epheria imperial delivery npc ), oquilla suggested questline, Port ratt daily item delivery quest. These are the easiest way to level up sailing. So yes one must level up sailing in order to have a pleasant experience doing bartering.


Training is one of those activity that can be done actively or inactively but you might want to level up the lifeskill to higher in order to make profit. Atleast artisan 5 is where i would say you start to make some profit with the increase chance of capture rate it is advised to level up training by capturing lower tier horse until professional one reach professional trainer. The cloth that is given for reaching professional training is rather helpful as it provide 15% capture rate which is a lot if you are a old training you would know how easy it was to capture horse and train them for profit but now its simply not just hard but can be frustrating to catch a horse with low capture chance. Higher mastery provides high capture rates and with the blue cloths you can gain more mount exp while training. Atleast one must get a +3 blue training cloth for training the horse. To be noted that training level can be leveled up quickly but capturing horses so focus on tier 2 in early stage and move to higher when you are ready and make them 30 each to breed for higher tier and do imperial delivery for extra profit. Higher mastery results as a chance to make courser horses easily as well which is a big bonus. Some tips on leveling tier 7-tier 8 horse- Do not use wagons to level up these horses as they take along time to gain exp, If you are going to be fully focused on training get yourself a pearl training cloth for 20% extra mount exp and with a +4 blue cloths you will gain 45% exp easily and with rest of the mastery gear, celerity draught and food buff you can get yourself a easy 60% + mount exp which will boost your horse to gain exp faster and more training level for you.Higher mastery also gives the chance to get better mounts while breeding so its worth investing in mastery gear if you are doing training.



                                                                                      Well this will be all for now i will update it more and provide more explaination as well

                                                                                                                                     Stay safe and play more BDO





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