In depth Lifeskilling - P2
DeathxQueen 2020-09-29 14:01
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Hi there, It's me Excalibar.Due to word limit i couldn't post the whole guide in one so making the part 2 as well hope this will cover the rest of the lifeskills.


Lifeskills those can be leveled up inactively but need to gather items first byself or via nodes:

                                                                                                                                                             Lifeskills such as alchemy, cooking, processing can be leveled up inactively by having the correct mats with your character and a few tools ( for alchemy and cooking) with higher level of these lifeskill one can make alot of money as well.


Processing is far by the easiest lifeskill to level up. One barely need to give any effort to level up this lifeskill. But as easy as it sounds like there are some condition you need to meet in order to do processing alot easily. The big issue is character weight. Your character need to have alot of weight carry capacity to hold alot of item to process.You can increase the weight carry capacity by getting yourself pair of root treant accessories from calpheon and the trader cloths to have a really good weight on your character or use (Shai) for their high passive weight capacity.Many artisan processing gives a chance to proc higher amount of processed mats (works for each and every mats that can be gathered all around the world and can be processed manually). After the manos update there is a stone for each types of processing activity from chopping,shaking,heating etc can be done in mass using the stones and they are found in each and every city (Blacksmith npc in alot of city and loggia farm).


Cooking and Alchemy is the same type of lifeskill that requires a home and a cooking/alchemy tool. You must be wondering how to get the recipe for each meals or potions well there is a option in the adventure support which shows you the required mats for each recipe to cook or do alchemy. Basic materials for cooking or alchemy can be obtained from nodes and npc as well but for higher level of cooking/alchemy one need to go out and gather the items or can be bought off the market. The process takes alot of time to level up cooking/alchemy and need weight as well to carry the processed item but after reaching higher level such as artisan or master. One can make alot of money doing imperial delivery or selling directly in the market. For alchemy while doing alchemy there is a chance to get more items while making one and for cooking there is a chance to do mass cooking for one work which makes the leveling process more faster for cooking comparing to alchemy. Mastery also helps the mass production increase for cooking and for alchemy, Higher mastery makes higher chance to proc different types of items while doing alchemy which makes it really interesting.


Lifeskills which must be done actively to level up:

                                                                                   Lifeskills such as Gathering and Bartering must be done actively to level up for profit. Higher level of gathering makes it easy to gather mats and consumes less energy and for bartering it reduces the parley cost for each trade.


Gathering is fully focused on dedication. For all the other lifeskill such as cooking/alchemy/processing, gathering comes as the core. It is the beginning of all of these lifeskills. One can also make huge profit just by selling the mats directly in the market as well. By gathering you can obtain sharp/hard/caphras stones also tier 9 doom mats. Due to barter the popularity of various gathering mats gone really high. They are highly demanded in the market to create a ship or do bartering. It is advised to gather alot of knowledge ingame to increase the energypool otherwise gathering will consume alot of energy easily. It was pretty easy once to refill energy by drinking wine which was removed to make it a bit challenging to level up gathering. Still there are ways to refill energy such as sleeping, doing rbf daily quest to refill energy for free or buy energy potions from the market. With higher mastery one can gather alot of mats at once which makes it insanely profitable.There are alot of guide on power leveling gathering but i would suggest you to gather near behr, gather silk or cotton etc they provides alot of exp.


When it comes to Bartering one must know that its a huge invest in order to make alot of money. At first you need a ship it can be a frigate,sailboat or a bartali boat. If you want to get yourself a sailboat/frigate without investing time on gathering mats you can simply buy the registration off the market and start using it. But if you are planning on making a ship on your own.Then i would suggest you to get a bartali boat check the required items to convert the ship into frigate/sailboat and start gathering the mats. It does take sometime to create a frigate as the materials are really hard to gather and also not always available in the market. While you are at it making a sailboat/frigate do invest on zinc nodes and the sap nodes which are required for caravel or galleass or it will take a long time to upgrade the boat. The reason you might wanna upgrade the boat - for more speed + more weight limit and in order to get the carrack you must upgrade your ship to caravel or galleass.Hopefully now you know how to create the ship and why you must upgrade it and do not forget to do oquila daily for caravle/galleass ship blue gears and carrack. Lets hop into bartering now. Let me make it easy for you. Higher number of barter count means more money people with 8000 count makes 800mil per day doing only bartering.Now how does they earn so much money that might be your question. So when you start bartering you will see there are 5 levels of items in which 1 and level 2 items cant be sold tier 3 is 1mil tier 4 is 2mil and 5mil for tier 5 item. If you are a beginner i would suggest you to save as much as tier 1 item you can and sell the tier 5 item after gaining like 100 trades you should be trading tier 5 for seacoins. I know if you dont sell the tier 5 item you are not going to make any profit but thats the part where the big investment comes in you are saving sea coins for carrack gears and while increasing the count you will get higher trade in the deep sea. After crossing 800 count there will be 10mil barter items appearing in the trade list and the number increases from 3 to more and it will keep on increasing which are tradable via tier 4 barter item. So save alot of mats while you are focused on increasing barter count. One can make 150mil + from only this deep sea big trade easily. So keeping that in mind its better to store tier 4 item for later trade and use tier 5 for seacoin trade. For more info i am going to link grumpy green website( One of best blogger and guide maker) which will help you alot to understand bartering and how it works.

Basic about bartering-

Item List-

Items for later use-

Hopefully this will explain alot.


                                                                                 Well this will be all for now i will update it more and provide more explaination as well

                                                                                                                                     Stay safe and play more BDO


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