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Node Empire Progression (Old Wisdom Tree) -Pt.9
ThenFallenOne 2020-10-04 20:29
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Greetings adventurers, today I'm going to cover on what node to invest around Old Wisdom Tree. Do note that, what I'm going to share is based on my personal opinion and setup I currently have. If you have not seen my node investment series, you may click on the link below: 


1. Velia

2. Olvia

3. Heidal Pt.1

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5. Glish

6. Keplan

7.Port Epheria (PE)

8. Calpheon

9. Trent



1) Sufficient amount of Contribution Point (CP)

2) Worker Lodging


How many workers in Old Wisdom Tree

There are a total of 1 worker can be hired in this town. You can purchase an additional 3 lodging from pearls which make it up to 4 workers. Yes, the only way to expand logging is by buying the lodging expansion from the pearl shop. No worries, for me 1 worker is sufficient as there are not many resources around this town which worth investing.


What node to Invest?

Basically, if you are into alchemy, the only node worth is Shady Tree Forest which directly beside Old Wisdom Tree. If you are into cooking, you may go for Viv Foretta Hamlet for strawberries. If you doing both, just go for Shady Tree Forest of the Moss Tree Sap as strawberries can easily purchase at fruit vendor. 


Nodes Materials Total CP from Old Wisdom Tree Node Linkage Remarks
Shady Tree Forest

Moss Tree Timber

Moss Tree Plank

Moss Tree Sap

4 Old Wisdom Tree --> Shady Tree Forest If you into Alchemy, moss tree sap will be the material you need.
Viv Foretta Hamlet


High-Quality Strawberry

6 Old Wisdom Tree --> Caduil Forest --> Atanis Pond --> Viv Foretta Hamlet

If you into Cooking, you may invest in the following.


Notes: If you connecting the node from Calpheon for the node empire, you only need additional 4 CP to unlock this node. So basically CP required is the same as Shady Tree Forest.


Total CPs required for setup above

* This excludes CPs invested to the inventory


Item Total CP Lodging
Node 10  
Worker 0

Free Worker from old wisdom tree


Note: If you decide to go more than 1 node, you will need to spend Pearl for the lodging expansion. This also applied for inventory expansion.

Total 10  


Here my advice:

Alchemy Cooking Pay to Win Free to Play Plan to connect node from Grana to Calpheon Remarks
Y     Y Y or N Go for Shady Tree Forest
Y   Y   Y or N Go for Shady Tree Forest. If you have unutilized CP you may spend it to Viv Foretta Hamlet and sell those fruits in Central Market
  Y   Y Y Go for Viv Foretta Hamlet if you have additional CP
  Y   Y N Recommend just leave the free worker unutilized. Not worth to spent a 6 CPs
  Y Y   Y or N

Go for Viv Foretta Hamlet. If you have unutilized CP you may spend it to Shady Tree Forest and sell those materials in Central Market. 


Tree and Plank, suggest to convert it to Ship repair material then sell it to Central Market. You can get processing exp and silver at the same time.

Y Y Y   Y or N

Priority to Shady Tree Forest and if have additional CPs unutilized, then go for Viv Foretta Hamlet

Y Y   Y Y or N

Just go for Shady Tree Forest and strawberry purchase from the fruit vendor. No way you can get both nodes unless the worker is coming from another town.



That is for my setup on the Old Wisdom Tree node. Feel free to share your node setup here for other adventurers to refer. This would be good for beginners to have more options or general ideas on node investment. 

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