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Hello everyone this is your supporter Freyara


today I want to share a guide on how to put crystal into your costume, before we start the guide let's take a look at some of the items that you will need to do this transfusion

1. Black spirit Claw, you can get this item from combining black spirit claw piece, the pieces can be bought in central market or

you can grind it in certain places that drops the piece.

Black Desert | PEARL ABYSSBlack Desert Online BDO Black Spirit's Claw Guide - mmosumo

2. Costume (armor) remember it's the armor that we want to put the crystal in.
so make sure u have an armor costume before doing this because it will be needed to put crystal inside of it.
there are two types of armor which is premium and classic,
remember classic is for succession and premium is for awakening

3. Crystal to put inside the costume, this crystal is different than the others because you cant buy this in central market, so you need to make them by yourself
we will talk about how to make it later
iconAncient Spirit’s Crystal – Swiftness

Effect: Movement Speed +2
iconAncient Spirit’s Crystal – Valor

Effect: Critical Hit +1

4. Equipment tailoring coupon, this item can be bought via pearl, and via central market, good luck getting it in central market.

BDO Costumes: Fashion & Set Buffs (Black Desert 2019) - GrumpyG


After you have all this 4 items now we can move to the guide


First you're going to make a slot cyrstal in your costume, make sure you have the Costume (armor) and the black spirit claw in the inventory,

RMB the black spirit claw and input the costume inside, thankfully it's 100% so you wouldn't do RNG game in this method :v
after that you will have your costume slotted.

what kind of crystals can i use on a Costume crystal slot? :  blackdesertonline


after that we need the crystal, to do this you need to melt a crafted costume
here are the list the costume that you can melt into crystal.

For the Ancient Spirit Crystal - Speed, +2 Speed: Calpheon Noble, (any) Travel Wear, or Serendian Formal Suit
For the Ancient Spirit Crystal - Valor, +1 Critical Hit: Serendian Soldier Armor, Serendian Smith Garb, Ahon Kirus's Armor, Delphe Knight Armor, or Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes
For the Ancient Spirit Crystal - Viper, +1 Attack/Casting Speed: Jordine's Casual, Jarette's Armor, Shroud Knight Armor, or Black Leopard Armor

Make sure you melt that costume to the stat that you need. i recommend getting the movement speed +2 which is the calpheon noble, because usually we put the critical and attack speed crystal inside our gear. so you can have that full combat stat.

there are 2 ways to get these costumes, 1st you can buy in Central market, or you can craft it by yourself.
to craft it you'll need to open the map and click the calpheon city and when you clicked the city input the "Costume mill" on the top right. it will tell which house where you can craft the costume and which item will you need to craft it.

after getting the costume, now we will use equipment tailoring coupon. just RMB it and imput the crafted costume.

Steam Community :: Guide :: [Game Features] - Making your Own Outfit


after that you can melt the costume and turn it into a crystal, remember the crystal that produce depends on the costume that you melt, so make sure you craft / buy the right costume that has stats that you want.
iconAncient Spirit’s Crystal – Swiftness

Effect: Movement Speed +2
iconAncient Spirit’s Crystal – Valor
Effect: Critical Hit + 1
iconAncient Spirit’s Crystal – Viper

Effect: Attack Speed & Casting Speed +1

after that now you can open your black spirit, and use transfusion, and click your costume then input the crystal inside of it,
and boomm !!! you got that stat that you want.

good luck.


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