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The Art of Fire(Sea Content Suggestion)
LadyHattori 2020-10-09 22:28
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Strategy against the odds  ( In preparation for the open world pvp or Blue Battlefield )

All ships have their own purpose. Let us all work together to bring spark of interest of Sea PvP.
SEA content vessels (Guild ship, Bartalli, Sailboat , Frigate , Caravel, Galleass, Carrack)


The Art of using fire

In history, the fire has been one of the most successful tactic that even the most cunning admirals and generals use it for many purpose.  Our ingame right now especially sea content has been put into default of (Carrack is the strongest) you should build it. Yes that is true.. We already have the use of Wind, the current to our advantage that only affects our mobility when we are engaging to PvE or PvP at sea.  So what about the fire am I talking about? 

Pre-History (The Battle of Chibi)
One of the most successful strategy that even a single vessel smaller ships are one of the most dangerous after all.  Cao Cao's sent a full invasion set of naval force and only to be annihiliated by Zhuge Liang ( A strategist ) only using fire ship. The fire scattered wildy one after another engulfing the heart of the fleet itself.  The wood ships are very susceptible to fire and that alone is enough to destroy everything for those who never overlook this situation.

Features (How a fire should work against bigger targets)
1.) Make ships susceptible to fire, more explosion seriously. we have ammunition and make this a chance for outplaying or giving some  some players a chance of comeback when it comes to PvP. Ships caught near explosions have a high chance of getting caught of the fire. The closer you are the stronger the efffect.
-Smaller ships are more susceptible of explosion due to the small size of its storage and its ammunition stored inside. (making small ships used as for tactical)
-The bigger your ship is the better protection however when your ship is on fire, its harder and longer to take the fire away.
-Sailor Fire resistance, Repair speed stats
-Sailors attemping to repair the ship while the ship is on fire, their hp slowly goes down until the fire is out.
-Give sailors a chance of injury when they are caught with explosion, slowing down the ship or weakening the ship battle potential.
- ships that can ram while on fire can cause a huge explosion (RNG) this is outplay mechanism.

2.) The Masts must have their own hp as well. When someone tries to aim your masts, they are trying to slow your ship down. This allows you to escape or use this against your aggressors or your enemies to your advantage. With masts gone, the ship will no longer be able to move and only be moved by the current.
(It works even for guild Galley/Galleass/Caravel users)

3.) Sailor crew repair system : When doing this. your ship must be immobilized. or make some players to do some repairs for you. 

New Item(Fire Casks or some explosive barrels are used back in old times)
Some players complained about the carracks are very hard to deal in nodewar. Due to the fact the players mounted on that ship cannot be hit. as well as the weapons of each class alone useless. Also alot players are complaining they are camping some island and bombard players  in the face. what is the fun on the losing side?

4.)  A throwable fire  item that can cause a chance of fire to the ship. disabling it for the short time and forcing the aggressor to repair the ship and dismount the ship to repair.

5.) A throwable explosive item that can deal huge damage to the ship. (Must apply dp modifiers depending on the gear to reduce the damage of impact)

6.) Spells that have fire elements (this is random but seems bit realistic)

More thrilling and success to this game! Cheers everyone!


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# 2

i like this. this should improve our sea battles. but i think this will take a while if ever PA decides to add this. they would probaby first need to release a "NAVAL WAR content, like a node war but at sea" . also in my personal observation, the ships needs alots of reworks becase, long story short it would improve the pvp system and to be fair pa would earn $ from it for them to maintain the game. I am actually working on that idea about ship reworks and naval war while at work. "thumbs up to this" 


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# 3

With the current desyncing nature of sea combat, half of what stated here won't be possible. Its the main reason why blue battlefield is delayed till further notice.

Remember sometime early this year, they had a test for a large scale sea combat in Global Testlabs? It went really sour with boats desyncing and a general mess in total. 

The easiest way to introduce such things are different cannonball types like siege/nodewar and using said cannonballs will have its own ups and downs.

Normal Cannonballs:
What we have now, big contact damage, nothing else.

Fire Cannonballs:
Does lesser contact damage but can set Damage over Time status (Burn) on boats hit by it, can be doused with purfied water by the sailor or its passengers. 

If you want to add some fun features, make it so breezy sail won't work when your boat is on fire, for example. And you can't catch fire again for x amount of time after dousing to prevent a lockdown of a boat. 


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