Bounty Hunting System
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Bounty Hunter

- the minimum of bounty you can place is (50 million)  the maximum is (250m Million)

- if you ever accept a bounty you must find the player on you're own. in every 1 min the system will tell you where the location of the player is if you are on the same sever, but the system won't tell you what server if you are not on the same server...

- other adventurers can also take and kill the bounty you sign in so you have to be swift on completing your task

- by killing the target your karma won't decrease so don't worry

- if you are in a party the reward will be spilt amongs the party members

- if you are in a platoon the bounty system will not work

- if you ever got killed by the person you are after in the desert, you won't be going to jail


For the player who got a bounty:

- if you ever killed a player who took the contract and is after you and you killed him you're karma won't decrease 

- if you are in a safe zone you can still be killed but you cannot kill the person after you

- if you die in the desert you will be jailed

- your crystals will not be destroyed



- the bounty can be seen in the BlackList board besides any stable keepers, but you can place a Contract wherever you are

- you can also check the map if there are any bounty available but cannot accept contracts

- even a below 50 character is not safe

- if you wanna bounty someone just fill up the Form by typing his Family name and the amount you wanna place

- if someone killed you in nodewars or other platform like rbf, ba and siege the bounty system will not be affected or implanted so you cannot get the reward if  you killed the person in the mentioned platforms,

-maximum of 20 players can take the same bounty so choose wisely. If the player manage to kill the 20 players, the contract will be renew and another set of players can take it

- you can only take 1 bounty but you can decline as well if you don't like the bounty you got

-same guild and in friend list cannot be placed a bounty or cannot be killed

- if the person with a bounty survived within a week the bounty on his head will be terminated and can be once bounty again within 7 days

- there will be a 1 day cooldown if you placed a bounty on a person

- you cannot take the contract if the bounty person is the same Guild/Clan as you

- with each day passing by, the amount of money placed by the player on a target increases by 5m

- the person with the bounty can't change character when there's a bounty hunter near by 

- there can only be maximum of 100 placed bounty per week

- if you bounty a person you cannot take the contract you just made

- there will be another History page where you can see persons who killed you before and you can place bounty on them but the player will be removed from your list if you already place a bounty on him

- the maximum contract you can take per day is 5, there is a 1hour cooldown 

- cannot be killed during World Boss or Guild raids 

- you cannot take a contratc if there is an ongoing one

- if you got killed in arsha, you cannot put a bounty on the person who killed you 




Bounty Ranks(Threat level)

Killed = 1 B-
Killed = 2 B
Killed = 3 B+
Killed = 6 A-
Killed = 7 A
Killed = 8 A+
Killed = 10 S
Killed = 15 S+


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