O'dyllita - Thornwood Rotation Guide - Updated v1
Jarette 2020-10-15 21:35
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Greetings Adventurers!


Recently we received the new content territory update, O'dylitta.

With this update comes with new grind zones for 250 AP Adventurers.


However, it is advertised as 250 AP Zone but I recommend you to grind here with at least 261AP(Kutum) or 265AP (Kutum).

Demi Human elixirs also help boost your damage and also get Monster AP modifier if possible.

Im not sure if Damage to Kamasylvia monsters also works but worth to note or try.

Trash loot drops here can be sold for 15,000 silvers.

Each monsters killed will also give you 1,000 raw silvers up to 2,5000 raw silvers.

Ominous Ring can be sold at the market for 115,000,000 Silvers.

This price will increase as soon as meta shifts to Accuracy.

Dark Knight drops x2 ~ x3 Caphras.

And it frequently drops Black Stone Armors / Weapons.


I will not be including the main spot as it is very contested specially in Arsha.

But if you must really want to grind in Main spot, it is located right below the "node manager" of Thornwood.


Here's the list of all available rotations for Thornwood.
And below are the least contested rotations.

Here are the 3 least contested rotation in Thornwood.
Video showing how to do the rotations.

Cidel Maya (Cave) Rotation

Stairs Rotation (Below Main spot)
Bridge Rotation


All in all if you are efficient in grinding in this zone, you'll net approximately 5,000~6,000+ Trash Loots per hour.

Can reach up to 7,000 Trashloots if you hardcore / no chill it.

This is with Item Collection Increase.

I was also able to net approximately 12,000 Trash Loots with Agris + LS.

Our result may differ but this is just based in my experience.


Note: Some say that the Ominous Energy mechanic is affected by Item Collection Scroll.

I cannot prove it but it usually procs with LS plus in Arsha when Im grinding there.


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kaya ba nouver d2 boss?


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On: 2020-10-16 09:08, By: Dantoy

kaya ba nouver d2 boss?

Yes. Kaya.


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