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Find the GMs in O'dyllita Event Locations
LunarVell 2020-10-16 21:51
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Find the GMs in O'dyllita Event Locations


Here's screenshots of all the locations of the Hidden GMs in the Find the GMs in O'dyllita Event! Thanks to Kazuma from the BDO SEA discord for providing the locations! 

Quest to find the GMs has to be first started from [GM] Black here and finished at [GM] White! The other GMs can be found in any order.


[GM] Black


[GM] Red



[GM Blue]



[GM] Green



[GM] Yellow : In Thornwood Archive


[GM] Pink 


[GM] White



Hope this helped you guys out!


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thank you!! the pictures were really helpful ^^

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glad can help <3


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thank you!


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Thank you. Helpful for me. I can done in 15 mins  xD 


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