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[Luna's Note] Ocean Karma FAQ
LunarVell 2020-10-29 02:08
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Edit Date : 2020-10-29

[Luna's Note] All About Ocean Karma System

With the new patch adding Family-wide Ocean Karma, I'm sure many of you will be wondering about the full details and have many questions about what you can do or cannot do as a Negative Ocean Karma Character. I'm Lunastryke from <Blackwatch> and with the help from BlitzKrieg44 from <NightHeaven> I will be trying to clear that up for you! Much thanks to BlitzKrieg44, this guide would not be possible without his help.


First things first, what exactly are the changes to the Karma system? I'll attach a picture of the patch notes at the bottom so you can refer to it, but I'll be first trying to answer some important questions that you may have about the new Karma system. (Tests were done with both Negative Character Karma and Negative Ocean Karma respectively)

Ocean Karma can be seen in your Character tab after pressing P. 

1. What happens if my Ocean Karma is Negative? 

Firstly your ship will be coloured Red. Other players can attack you without enabling PVP.

You will be unable to interact with any Wharf Managers other than Gafur at Kuit Islands. So this means no repairing, no remote collections, no using of the Wharf Manager Shop. The option to interact simply does not appear. 

Ocean Karma is also FAMILY-WIDE so restrictions will still be there even if you change a character

- Notable Interactions: When you are not mounted on your ship, your ship does not appear Red to other players. However your ship can and still will take damage from other players even if they are not flagged. 


2. Can I still Barter? 

Yes but also No. Interactions with Barter NPCs on islands are unaffected. You can still proceed with normal barters. HOWEVER as you cannot interact with Wharf Managers, there is no easy way to unload your barter goods or load them up onto your boat, other than starting from T0s. A possible method would be to overstack your character from the Wharf Manager at Kuit islands and manually walk to a Storage Keeper to deposit and withdraw your Barter items. However as Kuit Islands is pretty far from any Storage Keeper, this method is not very sustainable


3. Is Safezone truly safe? 

Yes. Normally, safezones have an interesting interaction where negative karma players can be attacked by others when it is in the day (If i recall correctly, from 10pm to 7am ingame time). However negative ocean karma characters are not affected by this interaction, and they along with their ships are completely safe in a safezone, whether they are onboard or not.


4. What happens if my character Karma is negative while Ocean Karma is positive?

Well, another interesting interaction here. When mounted on a ship, the ship does not appear Red, nor can it be damaged by players who have not enabled PvP. So your red character will be safe when it is holding onto the steering wheel of a ship. 


5. Which Karma will decrease if I hit another ship with my Mainhand or Awakening Weapon?

Ocean Karma will decrease. Please avoid doing this with your ship checked into any Wharf Manager that is not Gafur as essentially your ship will be stuck there and unable to be retrieved at all. Please write a ticket to Customer Support if this happens.



6. Which Karma will decrease if I shoot players only from my Ship?

Character Karma will decrease. 


7. I accidentally went negative, how do I recover Karma? 

You regain Karma by killing Sea Monsters. Penalties for attacking ships are quite steep. You can refer to this handy table by Ververg for the amount of Karma each Sea Monster gives.

I'll do a quick breakdown here by assuming you are killing Crocs which will be the fastest way you can restore your Karma. If you dont have a Carrack capable of killing Crocs yet, I simply hope that you will never accidentally become negative ocean karma.


Attacking a Ship: -50k Karma = 30 Crocs 

Attacking and Sinking a Ship = -50k + -200k = -250k Karma = 148 Crocs

From this estimate, a Carrack with +10 Green Gear needs about 3-4 Croc trips and since you cannot resupply cannonballs at anywhere but Kuit Islands,  a quick estimate would be about 6-8 hours to recover the cost of sinking a single ship. 


Update with numbers from Kyurakuu of <NightHeaven>, a Single Croc trip with Valor and +10 Cannons gives about 100k Ocean Karma


8. If I sink a Negative Ocean Karma player do I get any Karma or Rewards? 

Nope you dont.



Becoming Red at this point in time is really not worth it. Your progress in the Ocean will be delayed by so much and it takes so much to recover from sinking a single ship (Sorry Whitebeard). Until Pearl Abyss introduces new content for Pirates, its best to unbind your Forced PvP button for now. Also if you see a red ship in the Ocean, please refrain from shooting it might be me trying to recover the Karma from making this guide ㅠㅠ! Any things I may have missed or questions for me feel free to type in the comments below!



Patch Notes here:

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Edit Date : 2020-10-29

Very interesting initial discovery. PA better be having some great pirate content planned or this is not a very wise move from a game design point of view

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Edit Date : 2020-10-29

wah thanks for the hard work and sacrificing your karma for us!! this definitely makes things a lot clearer! 

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:O nice :D


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