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Prep For Active Gameplay
Auraenys 2020-11-11 11:18
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Last week I stumbled upon this Black Desert 2020 First Impressions video from The Lazy Peon, fast forward near the end where he makes a PROs and CONs list, and in one of his PROs he said something that I feel can be somewhat true to a lot of players:





This being a PRO on his list, I would assume it is because of the multitude of things you can do in BDO, he also said in some part of the video that BDO is a game that will make you play it full time, like replace your other games with.


With this idea, and also based on my personal experience, I think we all know and have felt what he means, Playing BDO takes up a lot of time, and one of the most time consuming part of playing BDO is active gameplay, and if you let it, it can really eat up days, weeks and even months.


Below are some of the things you can do before, during and after active gameplay to ensure that you have a great gaming experience without costing much of your life force.




Do All Your Errands - This may not be for everyone, some people who are up there don't know what these are as they never had to do any, but this is for the average player like myself. This doesn't only ensure you aren't interrupted while playing, but it will also make you feel productive even if you spent the rest of your day playing. Doing all your errands before gaming will make you feel that the time spent in BDO is actually free time.


Get Moving - Run, walk, excercise, or just do your errands as per above, just do anything aerobic to get your blood pumping. If you're planning on sitting for more than an hour it is best to pick yourself up and get moving now. Sitting for long periods of time increases your mortality (google sitting = mortality), and being somewhat active helps counter that. It doesn't have to be a super strenous activity, go up and down a flight of stairs if you will, but whatever you do, do not sit until you've done something, anything.


Pre-Game Rituals - you know how those athletes do some rituals before a game, or anyone you know that does before a big day, like first day at a job or school, moved to a new house, etc. These are things that are personal to you, but help you mentally prepare for the activities ahead. It can be anything, personally, mine is cold shower, tea, and a lil breathing session, and making a check list. These helps in mentally conditioning myself so I avoid anything stressfull ingame or offgame throughout the day.




Hydrate - Sometimes when you're so into the game, lots of things going on it's easy to forget that you still need to take care of your body. Often times, we subconciously pick up a sugary drink or two, but nothing beats clean water. You can have it iced, room temp, some even try it sparkling, you can have it any way you want but the important thing is to stay hydrated. As a habit, I always make sure I have a 2L water bottle on my desk.


Take Breaks - After every 30 mins or 1 hour, just take a break from gaming. It doesn't matter what you do, preferrably something helpful (avoid smoking, etc) but taking breaks can actually help if you're planning on playing for long hours. Similar to when you're working, taking breaks helps cut that monotone, and helps lower stress levels. One weekend, I really wanted to get a lot of things done so I put the break schedules on my check list, and I finished everything in 6 hours, with 15 min breaks every hour.


Stretch - You can do this while you're on break, or even seated stretching while youre gaming. Similar to actual excercise before gaming, stretching keeps your blood flowing, and actually gives you more energy. You know that invigorating feeling after a good workout, that super awake moment, you can get that just by stretching. It also helps lessen that tired feeling you get after playing for long periods of time.




Warm Bath/Shower - Personally, warm bath is the best, but a warm shower will do. This helps relax your body from that long gaming session, and cleans you as well from the whole day of build up. It would depend on the time you actually play, but I normally finish playing around the same time the day ends, and as I've done my errands before actually playing, I can ease into it and can go to bed right after.



So those are the things that I do that help make my gaming experience better. These are just small things that eventually turned into habbits, but this is also the reason, that despite being busy irl, I'm still playing BDO, for almost 2 years now, I still get excited everytime I get to play, and I do not feel an inch of boredom. I guess Peon was right, you can play full time and somewhat replace your life with BDO, with a little help like the things mentioned above.



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Included in the Opinion To Improve Quality of BDO Life guide.



Character Name Auraenys
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This game is more increadible if its being played in a relaxation way. Sit back, be cozy and enjoy! 😁

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Hmmmm... Nice advices Aura, thanks <3 <3 <3

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