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Node Empire Progression (Altinova) -Pt.13
ThenFallenOne 2020-11-15 18:11
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Greeting adventurers, today I'm going to cover on what node to invest around Altinova. Do note that, what I'm going to share is based on my personal opinion and setup I currently have. If you have not seen my node investment series, you may click on the link below: 


1. Velia

2. Olvia

3. Heidal Pt.1

4. Heidal Pt.2

5. Glish

6. Keplan

7.Port Epheria (PE)

8. Calpheon

9. Trent

10. Old Wisdom Tree

11. Grana

12. Duvencrune

13. Tarif (Pt.1)

14. Tarif (Pt.2)



1) Sufficient amount of Contribution Point (CP)

2) Worker Lodging


How many workers in Altinova

There are a total of 19 workers (1 free + 18 lodgings) can be hired in this town. You can purchase an additional 3 lodging from pearls which make it up to 22 workers. 


What node to Invest?

Altinova is the land of mining. Ores usually use for crafting such as Grunil, Utensil, Wagon and also for crates. If you have no interest in these, you may opt-out on this investment but as usual there free 1 lodging from town, at least utilize it to invest for iron ore node. Why Iron Ore? Iron Ore after heating you may use it to craft advance cooking utensil which very profitable in CM. You may find the setup below and modify it based on your preference. Basically, I'm focusing on powders and the ores selling it Central Market or convert to crates in future.


Nodes Materials Total CP from Altinova Node Linkage Remarks
Abandoned Iron Mine 

Zinc Ore

Platinium Ore

Powder of Time

9 Altinova --> Altinova Entrance --> Abandoned Iron Mine  

Iron Ore

Rough Black Stone

Powder of Darkness

Omar Lava Cave


Rough Ruby

Powder of Crevice

7 Altinova --> Altinova Entrance --> Stonebeak Shore --> Omar Lava Cave Powder of Crevice is the basic material for barter. May sell it to Central Market if you not into bartering
Mediah Shore

Copper Ore

Rough Opal

Powder of Flame

8 Altinova --> Altinova Entrance --> Stonebeak Shore --> Omar Lava Cave --> Mediah Shore Powder of Flame is the basic material for barter. May sell it to Central Market if you not into bartering


Total CPs required for setup above

* This excludes CPs invested to the inventory


Item Total CP Lodging


Worker 3

Altinova 6-1

Altinova 6-2

Total 27  


Personally, I wouldn't recommend investing in the Gorgo Rock Belt for Elder Tree Sap & Pistachio as:

- Elder Tree Sap can be gathered but required energy. Although currently in Central Market is full of Pre-order, the usage of Elder Tree Sap currently used for ship upgrade and furniture crafting

- Pistachio too expensive to invest at Altinova. You may find a cheaper one in Valencia City.



That is for my guide & sharing on node investment in Altinova. Feel free to share your node investment in Altinova for other adventure to refer.


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