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Carrack Materials From Mysterious Painting Quest
Poliwhirl 2020-11-29 00:00
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Hello Guys, This is "Poli" from "Chris Poli Channel", I will share my Update Video on our Official Website Forum, so you can access my lastest video just by click on my share message in-game, so Enjoy every Information & Content that I provide


This Post About Mysterious Painting Questline Guide


For Detail Guide, go directly to this video Guide Bellow:


Mysterious Painting 4: A Faded Drawing of a Large Numerical Value and an Eagle Symbol Questline Guide


Mysterious Painting 3: A Faded Drawing of Multiple Humanoid Figures Questline Guide


Mysterious Painting 2: A Faded Drawing of a Torch and Burning Flag Questline Guide


If you have any Question, you can ask me in game (Family: "Poli"), or comment on this forum, or this video comment section

Just Stay tune on Chris Poli Channel, I will update detail guide again in future

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