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Musa Succession PVE Guide !
Freyara 2020-12-02 09:53
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Edit Date : 2020-12-02

Hello guys this is your supporter Freyara, in this guide we will talk about how to PVE with a musa succession.


Many people always say that musa awakening is for PVE and musa succession for PVP, here I want to clarify everything that is wrong, I have proven it myself where I can get far more trashloot when I use succession than awakening, But many people don't know how because most of the succession skills only focus on the enemy in front of them, while Awakening is always rotating so people think that Musa Awakening is better in PVE, therefore in this guide we will discuss how to maximize PVE in succession mode.


First we will discuss the Skill "Serene Mind"  or many call it the Blue Buff, basically Blue Buff allows you to use certain skills when the skill is cold down, so it can be said that there is no such thing as cold down in Musa skills, you can literally use skills the same thing over and over again without any limit.


Now you must be wondering how to use it. let's see the skill description.


as we can see above the blue buff will be active when one of these skills hits your opponent, or you use this buff skill:

Prime: Divider, Prime: Dragon Bite, Prime: Blind Slash, Prime: Backstep Slash, Prime: Retaliation, Prime: Carver, Prime: Fiery Angel, Prime: Crust Crusher, Absolute: Musa Spirit, Ultimate: Musa Spirit, Absolute: Divider , Absolute: Whirlwind Cut 3rd hit, Absolute: Rising Storm, Absolute: Backstep Slash, Absolute: Retaliation, Absolute: Dragon Bite, Absolute: Blind Slash, Absolute: Blind Thrust.


does it look a lot? let's minimize it by using the skills most often used Musa Succession.

1. Blind Slash

2. Dragon Bite

3. Blind Thrust

4. Backstep Slash

5. Crush Crusher

6. Musa Spirit

7. Ultimate Musa Spirit

8. Carver


Basically every time you use one of these skills the blue buff will be active and you can use the temporary coldown skill without any limit so an example like this: you use Gale skill then it will be coldown for several seconds, then you Blind slash automatically blue buff will be active again and because of that it will ignore the cold down and you can use Gale again, then you use Dragon bite, Blue buff is active again you can use Gale again. Very very OP


The conclusion: Blue Buff can make you use a skill that is temporarily coldown but must be triggered using another skill.


Now that we understand the principles of Blue Buff, let's see how to use it in PVE !!

The main skill that you will Spam using blue Buff during PVE is Rising Storm + Blaze




There are two reasons why this skill is the main skill compared to other skills during PVE

1. AOE around musa while using Rising Storm

2. Large AOE in front of musa when using Rising Storm Blaze


After knowing which skills we will use in the Blue Buff, now let's take a look at the combo !!


if you are in Low - End Grinding like Loopy Tree Forest, Gahaz, you only need to use Rising Storm without Blaze.

if you're in High-end Grinding like Star-end, Hystria.

you will use this combo

Rising Storm + Blaze - blind slash - Rising storm + blaze - Dragon Bite - Rising Storm + Blaze - Step back - Rising Storm + Blaze


You must be aware that among the rising storm + blaze we will use several skills to activate the blue buff so you can use Rising Storm Blaze limitless.

This Combo is not a must, as long as you understand the principle of Blue Buff you can create your own PVE combo that you feel comfortable with.


WARNING : Spamming skill will make ur WP run out faster but relax, when it's low, you can simply just use carver to your enemy and it will be full again.




Happy Grinding !
Musa Hu Ha !!




Character Name Freyara
Main Character Musa
Lv 62
FeedbackTopicMusa Succession PVE Guide !

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