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Striker Awakening Skills
Mlynn 2020-12-03 16:01
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Edit Date : 2020-12-03

skill explanation and usage :



E buff

E buff will give HP recovary + 500, attack speed 30%, all resistence 30%, all dp 50 and super armor. Use this before engaing in pvp, also look out for its cooldown you can use it every 3 minute. good to regen hp if you are on low.


Holding F after using Rampaging Predator (w +f) will move you in to Flow : Bitee Off. It gives you forward guard and hp recovary by 300 and will deal 7x damage of the rampaging predator. Pan the camera into enemy direction to maintain foward guard to not get cc'd form behind or sides. You can use w+f while in pre awake mode to quickly change in to awakening rampaging predator. Also you can use this skill to close the gap with enemies. We can this skill by adding Core Rampaging predator (add stun to the skill)


Ferocious Assult ( Monkey Jump) is another way of engaging fights or escaping from fights. It has super amor while on air but be careful no more super armor once you hit the ground.  Using skull crusher while on air with Ferocious Assult is a good way of staying protected. This skill has hp regen by 300 when used. Using bsr 10% (W + RMB + LMB) on this skill is good to engage on crowds if not focused by enemy since the skill has small animation when casting. Also LMB after Spiral Cannon will change you in to Ferocious Assult landing. In pre awake mode pressing W+RMB will change in to awake Ferocious Assult.



Hell Break (awakening grab), this skill has no protection and has a bound CC. Mostly used in 1v1 (awakening dash and "E" to quickly grab enemy) if the skill on cooldown and you press E it will change in to pre awakening grab (Massive Suppression) so better to lock the skill and put it in quick slot to use it situationally. If grab missed you can press S after to evade backward summoning a eco spirit distracting enemy. There are skills that we can combine with grab to do cool grab animations.


E after rampaging predator will give a ground grab animation.

E after fallout will throw the enemy in ground.

E after endless explosion last hit will grab the enemy and shove them on the ground.

E after ferocious assult will also do a ground grab animation.

E after spiral cannon will throw enemy on the ground.

E after endless fight will do a ground grab.


you can do one of this grabs situationally.


Spiral Cannon has Knockdown, downsmash, a small hp recovary and minus dp debuff. But since has no protection, the skill mostly used in between combos or if enemy already disabled. (Pre awake E + C swap shift +q + Spiral). Using S + C in pre awake will change in to Awakening Spiral Cannon or holding LMB after using Knee hammer on pre awakening. and keybinding and using while in pre awakning also can change in to Spiral Cannon. We can enhance this skill adding Core Spiral Cannon (adding super armor).


Adding super armor on Spiral Cannon has big impact in pvp. Now its way more easier to CC enemy and go near them without getting CC. Increased 1vX capability. Also if you manage to survive someones combo and manage to get up, you can quickly use spiral on them knocking them down and do your combo. Remember not to spam the spiral cannon because all effects will be nullified if used while its on cooldown, you may get cc and die. And core spiral will give us a chance to use flow crosswind that has no protection.


Pressing space after spiral cannon will flow in to Cross wind. Got float CC but no protection. Mostly used to confused enemy but with Core Spiral Cannon now you can land the hit on the enemy without getting CC. Also you can pan camera after the Spiral Cannon and press space to change the direction of landing.


Infernal destruction has bound and downmash but has no protection. only used in 1v1 to bound or proc the downsmash to keep enemy more disabled. The land buster will do extra spin by doing the equal damage to Infernal Destruction. Also this skill may ruin your combo if you are not careful. So better lock the skill and put it on quick slot to use it when needed (press F after Infernal Destrction keybind to flow in to Land Buster). We can enhance the skill adding Core Infernal Destruction (adding super armor).



By adding super armor on Infernal Destruction now can be used in fights without getting cc'd.(I still prefer core spiral cannon though) but careful not to spam the skill since effects will get nullified when on cooldown.


Echo spirit has big damage, 50% accuracy but no CC. Good protection with iframe and super armor. You can use Echo Spirit to teleport behind enemies and catch them off guard. To deal damage with Echo Spirit either enemy has to jump inside it or you have to use it after a knockdown. For example : Massive Suppression + C swap + Echo Spirit + Spiral Cannon. In this combo enemy will be on ground all the time and will take all the Echo Spirit damage. If you have high ap BSR 100% of eco spirit can do massive damage.



Skull Crusher has super armor and big damage, has 10% attack speed gain while slowing the movement speed of enemy by 20%. Low cooldown skill and Flow Skull Hammer will do 4X damage of the Skull Crusher damage. using bsr 50% on Skull Crusher will knockdown enemy and horse riders. keybinding this skill will make your change in to awakening from pre awakening you can still press F to use the flow skull hammer.


Double Flash has super armor while using skill, If 3 Martial Spirit change consumed can do up to 6 dashes and gain 30% movement speed buff. While skill on cooldown can still use pre awake flash step in awakening mode that has iframe while using. Good skill to run around without getting cc'd to keep the enemy busy predicting your moves.



Endless explostion has +30 hp recovary and float cc. Has no protection. Used in between combo if enemy already on ground or cc'd. Good damage skill with 70% crit rate. Dont spam skill will do very low damage while on cooldown. We can enhance this skill by adding foward guard Core Endless Explosion.(I still prefer Core spiral)


Ultimate Crush mostly used in PVE since has dp debuff to damage mobs. Has no protection and slow skill rarely see in PVP. But if you are fast enough u can use 25% bsr Ultimate Crush to knockdown someone but risky move (bsr skill faster). Keep it locked if you dont use it. We can enhance skill by adding Core Ultimate Crush (adding forward guard)



Endless fight has stun and stifness but no protection. But you can use LMB after endless Explosion last hit to flow in to endless fight doing extra cc and damage. Also LMB after Spiral Cannon will go in to Endless fight. If pressed E after Endless Fight there will be a ground grab animation. Rarely see in pvp if you dont like it keep it locked.



Most usless skill in awakening tool kit. Keep this locked otherwise it will ruin your combo. Has knockdown but no protection also kinda slow animation.


This is all folks.

Hope you guys learned something.

This is my 1st guide. Will do more on future.

Thank you.

























Character Name Mlynn
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Edit Date : 2020-12-04
this helps..thanks ;)

Character Name Ciindy
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Edit Date : 2020-12-05

Wow perfect guide, im going to reroll this weekends. now got enough ideas to continue Striker! 

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Do you have party 2? :D


Character Name GeorgiaGardiana
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On: 2020-12-04 09:32, By: Ciindy
this helps..thanks ;)
1 Days ago

You are welcome :D

Character Name Mlynn
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Edit Date : 2020-12-05
On: 2020-12-05 14:02, By: GeorgiaGardiana

Wow perfect guide, im going to reroll this weekends. now got enough ideas to continue Striker! 

15 Minutes ago

Thank you :D

Character Name Mlynn
Main Character Mystic
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2020-12-05

very nice guide!! this helps me a lot in PVP!! thanks!!!

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