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Norma Leight's Magical Gathering Tools.
Yumiyan 2020-12-08 02:12
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Hello My fellow LIfeskillers, Today I am here to talk to you about the church of Norma Leight and her wonderful gathering tools.
Leight's gathering tools can be rented from Norma Leight of the northern wheat plantation. You would need to give her 50 Contribution points in return for the tool but worry not as you can reacquire them at any moment by returning the tool to Norma Leight. 

The Leight's tools have the same stats as a TET Loggia tool. While also having an extra +10% gathering exp. 


So it is obvious how this can help a new player who can't or doesn't want to dump 430 million on a TET Loggia tool but here is the catch. You can return the tool to Norma Leight at any time and get a different tool so while a person Loggia has to drop 430 million silver for every time they want to try a new gathering you can just exchange your fluid collector for a lumbering axe anytime if you are using a Leight's tool. So by that logic, if you are someone who wants a bit of variety in your gathering the Leight's tools would potentially save you close to if not more than 2 Billion silvers. Since that is the number you would be looking at to get a TET loggia tool for each gathering type. 

Hope this guide has inspired you to jump into the world of gathering in BDO. It is a very fun activity that is chill and non-stressful. Feel free to ask me your resident Supporter if you need more info regarding this guide. 

See you all in the world of BDO. CHEERS!

Character Name Yumiyan
Main Character Ranger
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For me that 50 CP is a big no no for me just for the 10% xp.

Character Name MeisterBlank
Main Character Wizard
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On: 2020-12-08 21:06, By: MeisterBlank

For me that 50 CP is a big no no for me just for the 10% xp.


Yes If you are a veteran with a node empire 50 CP is too high, These are just for beginner gatherers to try them out till they can get their TET Manos. If it seems like I claimed them to be end game material I Apologize but still, you would be surprised about how well into your lifeskill gear progression these would be viable for. 


Character Name Yumiyan
Main Character Ranger
Lv 60
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great tool for tanning mp pot piece with 30% chance.


Character Name Geiraeir
Main Character Guardian
Lv 63
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