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How I Level Cooking from Master to Guru
Auraenys 2020-12-12 15:42
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Edit Date : 2020-12-12

Since reaching Master cook, I haven't focused on my cooking and only cooked whenever I needed Grilled Bird Meat as worker food, and Good Feed for pet food, thus my cooking level has been stuck on Master. Asking a lot of people on how to level to Guru from Master, they generally say the same thing, spam Valencia meal as it gives the highest amount of cooking exp.



For someone who didn't like the desert, and I swore never to go back after finishing Valencia MQ 1 and 2, I never got around investing on Valencia Nodes, which I think if you're a Master cook you'll be familiar with Nodes by now. What I did have, was a saturation of ingredients from Calpheon, Balenos and Serendia, having had different Nodes in the area since even before I actually learned what they are for.


So instead of making Valencia Meal (2400 exp), I decide to make Calpheon Meal (1600 exp). I know that's quite a huge cooking exp gap, but even if I start investing in Valencia Nodes now, it will prolly take at least 2 months for me to get a decent amount of igredients to spam for Valencia meal.



Below are my personal tips on how I'm getting to Guru from Master cook.



1. Make Everything from Scratch

Now the way I did Lifeskill levels, is to always or at least most of the time, gather/cook/process everything myself, instead of using silver to buy ingridients and tools from the Central Market. This makes sure that I keep my production cost to a minimum, and at the same time leveling my other Lifeskills.



2. Write The Ingridients on BDO Notepad

When I was looking at the things I needed to cook to make Calpheon meal, it's overwhelming! It made me feel lazy to the point that I have been wanting to do this since March, and only got around to doing it this December. By writing it down in the BDO Notepad, it looked more achievable. Firstly, you can see the number you need per item, and second, it's easier to refer to rather than checking in Crafting Notes everytime or refering to an external notepad. Finally, it acts as a checklist, doing things 1 at a time made sure of progress.



3. Exchanging Energy for Energy Potions

As I said, I've been wanting to do this since March, but since I was lazy I was mostly fishing. Instead of wasting energy, since you do not earn energy when it is full, I made sure that I exchange it to energy potions with Alustin before I AFK fish the whole day. Exchanging energy is not the most efficient way of using energy, it is still best to gather with it. But since I didn't have time to gather, it was the only option for me. Now that I am making time, I have a lot of extra energy stored in potion form.



4. Prioritize/Maximize Energy Use

This will depend on what you're cooking. For Calpheon Meal, a lot of the ingridients can be taken easily from Nodes except for Milk and Meat. Remember: MILK. As I would need a lot Milk, I made sure I reserved my energy for milking Cows. For the meat, I did Hunting which also gives you hides and blood.



5. Farming Ingredients

Going back to point 1, making everything from scratch, one of the ways I was able to do that is through farming. If you look at the ingridients list, other than Milk and Meat some ingridients do not have nodes but can be gathered in different farm areas, like Northern Wheat Plantation, Velia Farmlands, etc. To make sure I had more ingridients and also lessen the travel time, I put up my own farm. This farm containts, onions, garlic, pepper, sunflowers, strawberries and haystacks for more milk.




I'm sure this has been said many times, by a lot of people, in different ways but with ultimately the same message:


"The longest journey starts with a single step. When you have a dream or an ambition, and it's so far away and it's so high up you can feel overwhelmed, but when you look at it as just one step at a time, one day you're gonna look up from your feet and you'll be at your destination" - Catriona Gray



See you all at the destination: Guru Level Cooking





Character Name Auraenys
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Edit Date : 2020-12-12

thanks for sharing your experience UwU

Character Name Rosylle
Main Character Dark Knight
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# 3
Edit Date : 2020-12-12

Nice cooking custom!

Character Name Azurelis
Main Character Archer
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2020-12-12

Its a nice go.. but for me when I do from beginner to guru I used the spreadsheet and solve it theorically especially how many hours would it made. 30k balenos is enough for you to go to GURU 1from M12 you could do m12 by doing some vege... while preparing the mats.. You could buy all the mats in the market it only cost 2.2b in turn you could finish turning it in in just few weeks.. I hope this helps..
After I got all the 30k materials for balenos meal it only took me 4 hours to hit guru 1. But the preparation took weeks to complete..

best regards,

Character Name NUMERICS
Main Character Kunoichi
Lv 10
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Edit Date : 2020-12-12

Thank you Urzan and Azurelis!


@Cyber, thanks for the feedback as well. I'm starting this from Master 5 as I leveled to Master 5 by regularly cooking Grilled Bird Meat and Good Feed for personal use, hence I never tracked anything until I decided to go to Guru. I'm still in the process and currenly gathering 200k++ Milk to  match the 29k Milk Tea I made today. Im trying to figure out how to incorporate the Smooth Milk Tea, as you know, I only need 1 Milk Tea combined with the other food in the meal to make Calpheon Meal, and Smooth Milk Tea is like 5 Milk Tea (I think). Would you know?



Character Name Auraenys
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Edit Date : 2020-12-18

Nice guide UwU !!

Character Name RocoDSouza
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# 7
Edit Date : 2020-12-19

Thank you Roco! Hope I see you more in the game!



Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 61
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