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Node Empire Progression (Valencia) -Pt.17
ThenFallenOne 2020-12-13 16:23
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Greeting adventurers, today I'm going to cover on what node to invest around Valencia City. Do note that, what I'm going to share is based on my personal opinion and setup I currently have. If you have not seen my node investment series, you may click on the link below


1. Velia

2. Olvia

3. Heidal Pt.1

4. Heidal Pt.2

5. Glish

6. Keplan

7.Port Epheria (PE)

8. Calpheon

9. Trent

10. Old Wisdom Tree

11. Grana

12. Duvencrune

13. Tarif (Pt.1)

14. Tarif (Pt.2)

15. Altinova

16. Sand Grain Baazar

17. Shakatu

18. Ancado Inner Habour



1) Sufficient amount of Contribution Point (CP)

2) Worker Lodging


How many workers in Ancado Inner Harbor

There are a total of 47 workers (1 free + 46 lodgings) can be hired in this town. You can purchase an additional 3 lodging from pearls which make it up to 50 workers. 


What node to Invest?

All nodes nearby Valencia City are used to make Valencia Meal. If you planning to make Valencia Meal, these nodes are essentials.


Maps of node locations:


Image from SomethingLovely


No Nodes Materials Total CP from Valencia Node Linkage Remarks
1 Valencia Plantation Date Palm 8 Valencia --> Valencia Plantation

You may choose to invest Pistachio if you have available unused CP. (3 CPs). 


You can sell it over to Central market for additional silver as it's a base mat for bartering. I don't recommend cooking it as this dish does not help in making any meals. At most, you can cook and delivered as Skilled cooking box for imperial. If you want to go for power level cooking, suggest going with pickled vegetable

2 Erdal Farm Date Palm 7 Valencia --> Valencia Plantation --> Erdal Farm
3 Fohalam Farm Teff 7 Valencia --> Valencia Plantation --> Fohalam Farm  


Total CPs required for setup above

* This excludes CPs invested to the inventory


Item Total CP Lodging
Node 22  
Worker 4

Valencia 2-1

Valencia 2-2, 1F

Valencia 2-2, 2F

Total 26  



That is for my guide & sharing on node investment in Valencia. Feel free to share your node investment for other adventures to refer. I'm also happy to get feedback from anyone to improve my content as well, so feel free to comment on it.

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