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What should you do this week? (22DEC2020 Patch)
Minutes 2020-12-22 10:58
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Edit Date : 2020-12-22

Hi Everyone, I will cut straight to the point what you should be doing for this week patch ( including a bit patch note and mostly event quest).


Once Acitivities
1. change your account password to get 7 days VP
2. get Arcana of Fate Box x1 from challenge
3. get [Event] Winter-bearing Egg from challenge
4. Customize your Character Select window with a screenshot of your Nova
5. Reach level 61 with your seasonal character (31st March)
6. Buy [Event] Token of Love in Heidel
7. Reach level 56 with your nova character


Daily Activities
1. black spirit adventure ( 3 rolls )
2. stay login for 6 hours
3. Daily oasis Quest from Black Spirit
4. Daily Fluffy Snowflake Village quest


Extra Activities
1. 300% combat exp and 50% skill exp


Here's video version.

Character Name Minutes
Main Character Witch
Lv 62
# 2
Edit Date : 2020-12-22

* Reserved for extra event that gonna add in later this week*

Character Name Minutes
Main Character Witch
Lv 62
# 3
Edit Date : 2020-12-25
this is what i m looking for, straight to the point. thank you

Character Name Aleeshin
Main Character Lahn
Lv 61
# 4
Edit Date : 2021-01-02

Congratulations on your BEST tag!



Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 61
FeedbackTopicWhat should you do this week? (22DEC2020 Patch)

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