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Find Your Location Without Compass on Desert & Sea
Yumiyan 2020-12-24 20:30
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Edit Date : 2020-12-26

Hello Fellow Adventurers, 

I am back with another MIni-Guide. Though These days with the Oasis Event, people do not have the need for skillful navigation of the desert. But there might still be instances where you are lost in the desert due to factors like your compass expiring or if you are like me, having a weak memory which leads to a lack of compass when you check your inventory. 
For this method, you need a Pet with a Resource FInding special skill. Most of your cats should have it

Now, You let your cat/pet out and use the third button on the pet menu to activate the special skill.

Now, If you move close to any bushes, you should be able to see your pet pinging that bush.

Now quickly open up your map and you should be able to see the ping on the map which should be your location. 


Points to Remember: Your pet only pings the resource that you are able to gather so in this case you can only be spotted if you find a bush or any other bare hand gatherable resource. But if you equip a pickaxe you should be able to do the same trick next to rocks and if you have a lumbering axe you should be able to use trees and so on. 
WIsh you the best on your adventurers my dear friends. 

EDIT: "Chris Poli" From "Chris Poli Channel" Has expanded on this technique and tested it out on the ocean as well. It was a pleasure to see him take notice and bring this to a wider audience. Please check his video below to see how to use this method in both the desert and the ocean. Thanks again to Chris Poli for working with me on this.


Character Name Yumiyan
Main Character Ranger
Lv 60
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Edit Date : 2020-12-24


Character Name Rosylle
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2020-12-24

i never thought about this... it's a lifehack

Character Name PrawiRena
Main Character Witch
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2020-12-24
Yipee Doki!

Character Name SallieOdegarde
Main Character Nova
Lv 43
# 5
Edit Date : 2020-12-24
Thanks for the tip! Really helped!

Character Name Carlafyna
Main Character Nova
Lv 58
# 6
Edit Date : 2020-12-25
awesome! ty

Character Name Kirthika
Main Character Lahn
Lv 52
# 7
Edit Date : 2020-12-26
Awesome in-game life hack indeed!

Character Name Kazuyajin
Main Character Striker
Lv 18
# 8
Edit Date : 2020-12-27

Character Name Kimariah
Main Character Sorceress
Lv 49
# 9
Edit Date : 2021-01-02

Congratulations on your BEST tag!



Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 61
# 10
Edit Date : 2021-01-31
Or just use 3D map

Character Name Krysmi
Main Character Nova
Lv 56
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Edit Date : 2021-04-08
wow really helpful. thank you!!!

Character Name Lapukmancer
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 60
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