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in this guide we will discuss the things you should buy at the pearl shop, these items are highly recommended for purchase because of their usefulness and benefits

now let's take a look at these 5 items


1. Value Pack

You must have known about this item, because GM always gives it when you installed this game and also during certain events.

the advantage in having a value pack is

  • Inventory Expansion 16 slots
  • Storage Expansion 16 slots
  • Combat/Skill/Life/Horse EXP +10%
  • Distant Node Investment (Consumes 10 Energy)
  • Max Weight Limit +200LT
  • 30% Marketplace Sales upon Silver Collection (Excluding Pearl Items)
  • Unlimited use of the Merv's Palette
  • Unlimited Beauty Salon
  • Barter Refresh Count +1
  • Required Parley for Barter - 10%
  • Allows you to remotely check or skip Special Barter

Among these advantages, the most important thing we have to have is 30% market sales upon silver, this is because if you sell through the central market, the goods you sell will get a tax of 45%, so you will only take a total profit of 55%, but with VP you can take a total profit of 85%.


2. Weight Limit

in this game you will do a lot of grinding because of the very promising benefits of the trash loot. it would be very uncomfortable to keep returning to your horse to stack your trash loot. and also the potion weight in BDO is a lot, having more weight limit gives you benefit in stacking all of that potion to PVP in case someone want to steal your spot. the weight limit at the pearl shop is a permanent item so you can enjoy it forever so it is very worth it to buy.


3. Inventory slots

You definitely have realized that  there are many ways to get a lot of inventory slots, such as main quests, suggested quests, and events,  but these three things are of course not enough to get the maximum total inventory slot, having a large inventory slot will make it easier for you to carry all the items you need. you will get various kinds of items when you grind and having lots of inventory slots is better, because the horse inventory is not enough, and this item is permanent so that when you buy it you will get the benefits forever.


4. Naphart Campsite

if you do grinding, this item is very important and you must have.

the advantage of this tent is :

Naphart Camping Gear Equip Effect
icon Naphart Camping Tent Appearance/Skin. If you hold a Villa Invitation in your inventory, Villa Buffs can be purchased remotely.
icon Naphart Camping Anvil Reapairs gear durability.
icon Naphart Camping Shop Buy potions, gold bars, and buffs.
icon Naphart Camping Container You can store up to 16 items and up to 200LT. The items stored in the container is not family-shared and can only be retrieved by the character that stored it and its tagged character.

 this item is also permanent so that when you buy it, you can enjoy the benefits forever.


5. Pet 

the last one is the pet, if you play a lot of MMORPGs you know that the loot system is always  easier by using a pet and usually one pet in another game is enough to take all the loot, but in BDO unfortunately not, every pet has a different pick up loot time.
depending on the tier, but we can maximize this by having a total of 5 pets, so that the pick up loot time is faster and you can move to the next pack of mobs faster in grinding. besides that, pets also have different talents and skill depending on their type, and they can be exchanged to become a higher tier with other pets.


Happy shopping Hu Ha !




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