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Old Moon Gra_nd Prix with Lunastryke!
LunarVell 2021-01-15 15:38
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Hi there, Lunastryke from Blackwatch here. In this post, I'll be guiding you through the new BDO content, Old Moon Grad Prix. I’ll be showing you guys how to participate and some tips on how to race better and hopefully help you get first place more often! Also I have included a video guide on me doing a race so you can see how the different tips given are being used in a race. I highly recommend watching the video as it will show the different tips better!

Old Moon Grad Prix is a game where 10 adventurers race each other on specialised horses in a short race course!

BTW the title is not a typo, ra+nd is a banned word so I can't type Old Moon Gra+nd Prix LOL


How do I take part?

Currently there is an event quest ongoing till 27 January 2021 which you can accept from your Black Spirit

[Event] Blowing Wind in the Race Track (At least character level 30) Old Moon Grad Prix Event Link

This will bring you to Stonetail Horse Ranch and give you additional rewards for participating in the horse races


Otherwise, you can press Esc -> Life -> Old Moon Grad Prix to be teleported to the event location

What do I need? 

30m in Silver to purchase the regular racehorse (Normal horses cannot be used) 
You can buy this horse from the stable NPC at the race location, or from Gula at Stonetail Horse Ranch

Mechanics Overview: 

At the bottom of your screen you should see these few bars.

Top Speed Bar: 

Indicates the max speed your horse can reach. The more dots lighted up, the faster your horse can go. Each time you drift, 1 dot is used up and you have to press Q when prompted to light up the dots again

Limit Break Prompt (Q Prompt)

This prompt only appears when your Top Speed bar is not fully lighted up with 6 dots. Press Q for a small boost and to raise your Top Speed Bar by 1 dot.

Current Speed Bar
This bar fills up as your speed increases. When it is full, after a short delay the Limit Break/ Q Prompt will appear if you are not already at your maximum speed

Boost Bar
This bar fills based on the distance travelled, and when it is full you can press F for a boost. Boosting will put you at maximum top speed instantly, regardless of how many dots are lighted up.


Important Horse Skills

Start Accel 

Use it when the race starts to get a small headstart. Press and hold Space when the Timer shows start and W when the racetrack sort of lights up abit and the race starts to boost a little


Drift (S + A/D)

Very useful skill, use it to turn tight corners however each use lowers your max speed by 1 level and you have to use Q to raise it back up.


Sweeping Movement (F Boost)

Use to get a boost for a short duration. Raises top speed limit back to maximum so its good to use after drifting. Also if you drift during your boost, your top speed limit doesnt drop as well. 



Video Guide

Watch this for extra tips and see how I use the different horse skills together during a race! I think the fastest completion time I ever managed was around 2:29 so you guys can try to beat that time!



Horse Gear

Horse gear for the racehorse can be exchanged using Old Moon Grad Prix coins from Gula at Stonetail Ranch


Thanks for taking the time to read through my guide! Hope it helped you to get better at the Old Moon Grad Prix!

If there are any useful tips that I missed out please comment below! 

Also my guild is recruiting so if you are looking for a guild feel free to pm me in game


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thank you! i hope i can win the race :D

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hi my race horse accidentally fall into the river, but i cant recover it, can someone help me ? "this horse is not owned by the player" message appear when i try to recover


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