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How I earn CPs - Episode 1
ThenFallenOne 2021-01-31 13:42
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Hi, fellow adventurers, as I completed my version of node progression series, I moving on to the next series which "How I earn CPs". A disclaimer, this is how I earn CPs, doesn't mean is a must to follow. Different individuals have their own method of getting CPs. 


In these series, I will be sharing what I do daily to get the CPs exp, various ways of getting CPs exp, what you need (not must but good to have) to boost the CPs experience etc. In episode 1, I will be sharing what you need to prepare before moving into the journey of CPs levelling. 


What do you need?

Caphras - Journal of Glory This book provides you 20% extra contribution EXP for each quest you completed. (Provided the quests give contribution exp). It's not a must but it will give a significant boost in contribution EXP when you equip it. 
Contribution EXP Some quests provide contribution EXP. 


How to get Caphras - Journal of Glory

By completing the adventure logs - Caphras' Record, you are given a choice to select 3 Journal. You can switch the journal around by completing the quest from Alustin -  "[Repeat] - Caphras's Journal, Mysterious Power“. You need to give 10 Caphras to Alustin and you may exchange to whichever journal you require.


To complete the Adventure Log Caphras' Record, I have attached the link from GrumpyGreen which I personally use it to complete the book. In summary, what is difficult would be:


Book Quest Description Remarks
1 Get Ancient Magic Tomb from Zahad at Valencia City The answer is RNG basis, a total of 3 questions. Each question cost 150 energy. For every wrong answer will deduct 150 energy. So recommended getting energy potion over.
3 Combine item to get Cadry Ring This totally RNG basis. It took me almost 3 hours to completed it. Do note that, this quest required you to combine 3 types of cadry piece. Getting the ring & purchases from Central Market will not complete the quest.
4 Complete 3rd illusion in Altar of Blood Completing till 3rd Illusion is pretty easy but the hard part is getting into the Altar of Blood since not many people queueing. You can get help from the guildmates to help clear it.
  Completing the Knowledge In these logs, there is the knowledge you need to complete. If you have completed before, it a default completed else you will need to obtain that knowledge which consumes some time. 


Personal Tips & Trick

1 This quest required you travelling around. So suggested having multiple characters to save time from travelling. I park 2 characters in Valencia to do all Valencia related quest. Why 2 characters are because of the RNG to answer Zahad questions.
2 To reach Iliya island, if you have a ship, you can travel as normal people does. Alternatively, since the Oasis Traveller Maps is cost 1 silver, you can tag 2 characters, each holds an Oasis Traveller Map. Teleport over and complete the quest. Once complete, switch to the tagged character and teleport back to Velia.
3 Use a high AOE character to break the seal (Book 1, Chapter 3) in the house as the quest has a time limit. I personally use the Guardian since it has high AOE to clear the flame. Other class doable as well.



That is for my 1st Episode on preparation before moving to the CPs farming. Tune in for my next episode on ways to get CPs. If you have any other thing would want me to test out, feel free to let me know and I will have a look at it.

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Tagging this for future use. Currently my method is via mass cooking and exchanging the Witch's Delicacy, hence I'm eyeing the Journal of Nature for more Lifeskill Exp.


Thanks for the guide!



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On: 2021-02-04 19:33, By: Auraenys

Tagging this for future use. Currently my method is via mass cooking and exchanging the Witch's Delicacy, hence I'm eyeing the Journal of Nature for more Lifeskill Exp.


Thanks for the guide!




Yeap, this the easiest way to get CPs at the moment ^__^

Character Name ThenFallenOne
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