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Event : Winter Adventure Box and Chocolate gift
Freyara 2021-02-03 11:59
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Hello guys this is your supporter Freyara
seen lots of people askin how to get it so let's just make it simple

1. Open your Pearl Tab shop ( Esc - F4 - 1)


2. Open the Black Spirit Pick



3. Go to the Silver Event Items, you will see winter box 100m and 100 silver for the choco late event, simply just buy it,

WARNING : make sure you have money on the character that you use while opening the Pearlshop


Good luck guys.
Btw i got 10 Winter box inside of it XD

Happy Un-Boxing Hu Ha !

Character Name Freyara
Main Character Musa
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FeedbackTopicEvent : Winter Adventure Box and Chocolate gift

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