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How I earn CPs - Episode 2
ThenFallenOne 2021-02-07 17:34
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Hi fellow adventurers, welcome to my episode 2 of the guide. This episode onwards, I will be sharing what I do to increase my CPs. Each series, I will be covering method I used to increase my CPs and also some personal opinion on it.


How I earn/farm CPs Series

Episode 1 Introduction
Episode 2 CPs by Questing  <-- You are here
Episode 3 CPs by Cooking / Alchemy [Coming soon]


Pre-requisite but not a must!

Caphras - Journal of Glory - may refer to Grumpy on how to complete the quest.


CPs by Questing

You may obtain the quest by doing Quest from the quest Menu (Main, Suggested, Recurring & New Quest) and quest given by NPC. Some quest from Black Spirit does provide CPs exp as well. On the early stage, the CPs exp may not be attractive but as you go along, it gradually gives higher CPs exp. To know which quest provide CP exp, you may view the quest reward on the medals icon as shown below.



Difficulty Rating

By doing the quest, it easily increases the CPs exp. As now there Seasonal Character which required you to clear until Mediah and sometime Valencia Pt1, it does provide you with a decent amount of exp. All quest at an early stage is pretty straight forward and easy to clear. It does get harder starting on Kamasylve Quest but still manageable as by then you will have Tuvala gear (Seasonal) or Oasis gear to support.


Each character has its own set of Main quest to complete. Some quests are knowledge-based eg: gain wolf knowledge by killing a wolf. Once you got the knowledge, the next character who does the same quest will automatically be completed.


Doing quests can help to complete the Rulupee's Travel logs. The reward of these logs will increase your enhancement chance by +1 when reaching a certain threshold. My case I have complete about 8k quests, so in my enhancement, I will start with +2 instead of 0. So it's like killing 2 birds with a stone.




One of the significant drawbacks of this method is, it's very P2W method as you will need to unlock character slot via Pearls. So the more character slots, more CPs exp you get. 


Next would be, there limited quest on the Main quest and suggested tab. Once you complete all, you be depending on the sides quest from the NPC. Some side quests can be a pain in the ass especially those life skills quest. So my advice is to get mentally prepared before doing it.



That is for my 2nd episode on getting CPs by completing the quest. Tune in for my next episode on ways to get CPs. If you have any other thing would want me to test out, feel free to let me know and I will have a look at it.



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